The One


The One Essay, Research Paper

As the dark figures enlarge through the thick fog, He walks towards them, Alone

and sheltered overhead. Slowly paced, and soggy footed, he arrives. He is unable

to speak or think straight. As he slowly lowers his head something catches his

eye. He peacefully stares; Stares at the beautiful flowers. The flowers he and

his wife planted along their fence. He could still remember the aching pain of

his sore, middle aged back, The smell of his wife?s worn out,

one-size-too-small gloves as he took them off for her, And watching the huge red

sunset as they held each other in their aching arms. They made love that night.

From that day on he knew she was the one. That was a beautiful day, he thought.

A loud morn awakens him from his daydream. He forgets where he is for a while,

but soon remembers. He still cannot believe what is happening. To him it seems

unreal. Still with his head down, he is afraid; Afraid to look, Afraid of what

he might see. Confused, he begins to wonder. He searches for an answer. He had

not accomplished what he had planned. As the man with the white collar speaks,

he looks up. Still somewhat sceptical of the spectacle, He is afraid; Afraid to

listen. He is afraid of what he might hear. Still with his confidence, he

awaits; Awaits for the name of inevitability. Out it comes. A name which he

remembers to have known his whole life. A name which he cared so much for. A

name which he stood by, through thick and thin. A name which he called his own.

He wants to feel sad but is curious. He wonders who cared. He looks up, All in

black, Except for the one in red. Tight Ass Fender, was its name. Guitar

strings, was its game. ?You know the ones in the black pack?? ?I?ll get

them when I get back.? All I needed was the last string So I can play and I

can sing. ?Yes, yes? she said ?I?m going out. I?ll buy this thing.?

Monday night she went out She had to go that way too! She came back early, With

a pack of blue. ?Bring then back!? The Old Man Who Scared Me When I Was

Little I went outside to play that day, With my mom by my side, by the way. I

slid down slides and played on swings; Every time, I played with those things.

On a bench to my right I saw a man, old but bright. He had skin that seemed like

brown construction paper, And hair as white as snow. He had these dreamy eyes;

But why, I?d like to know. He seemed so helpless wearing that old man hat, And

that red flannel shirt that made him look fat. I wondered what he was doing

there. I wondered what was going through his mind When I got a water gun, And

wet him from behind. Before my very eyes He got up and said ?Grandson.

You?re dead!? He then chased me around, Like a fun little fray. Slowly

gaining on me like a tiger on its prey. I could stand no more so I had to say,

?Okay, okay!? We stopped running and turned to each other. Red now replaced

his brown paper face. With sweat pouring down his cheek he said to me, ?In a

race, you would win first place!?

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