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?He?s a skinhead, a second one added. I knew they wouldn?t talk to me

any more, only about me?(p111)

Falling is a book that contains many complex scenarios and interpersonal

relationships. The plot is set on the strong bonds between characters due to

shared opinions and emotions.

Caitlin is a character that voices her opinions about anything that may be

troubling her: ?Keeping silent about the truth is to distort it.?(P148) and

Lucas is a character that finds it hard to voice his opinions because most

issues that concern him he doesn?t know the facts about: ?I…I don?t

know…Actually…I have no opinion about it?(p138).

In which way do the visual aspects affect the characters? In one section of

the book Lucas chose to cut his hair very short, which to some people may

represent him being a ?Skinhead? or Neo-Nazi. ?He?s a skinhead, a second

one added. I knew they wouldn?t talk to me any more, only about me?(p111)

this did not necessarily make him a follower of such beliefs but because his

appearance was like those who did believe in "taking action against

migrants" etc? he was discriminated against. By cutting his hair very

short the character showed that he is converting to be accepted by such people

as Beno?t; ?an extremist who believes in violent action against migrant


The main essence of Caitlin?s character is that she is a dancer, her

clothing therefore is practical and durable with an American style. ?She

walked rhythmically, her back straight. She was wearing shorts and a thin

T-shirt, and I (Lucas) could see how bony she was, and how, as she climbed the

hill, her muscles tensed right up to her neck?(p51). ?She was taller than me

(Lucas)?(p44). Caitlin is a thin and muscular character, the average build of

a dancer. Caitlin having ?black hair?(p29) and ?Her eyes were as brown as

beer, her skin pale?(p45) doesn?t seem to impact her at all, only proposing

what will later be discovered that she is in fact Jewish.

The appearances of the characters are influenced more by their opinions than

anything else. The appearance of the character is important to the person

reading the book because it gives the finishing touches to a character, make

them more life-like. If there where to be no descriptions of appearances you,

the reader, would have a gap in the plot and the book is less believable and


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