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Running is a very common sport among millions of people. It’s a

effective form of exercise and many people enjoy it. Two different forms of

running are track and cross country; two very popular and fun sports among

young people. There are also marathons, which are very long distance


One of the good things about running is that you don’t really need a

God-given talent to be good at it. All it really requires is flexibility, and

comfortable shoes .

Running is an aerobic exercise that promotes circulation of oxygen to

your bloodstream and then to your organs and tissues. It builds up your

heart and keeps up your endurance. It also strengthens your leg muscles.

It also helps keep your weight down, since you born more than 100 calories

per mile! Another one of the things it does is keep your stress level down,

and studies also prove that exercise, like running, helps you sleep better at


Track and field is a sport that features running. This is a sport that

can be inside or outside. Track is are different kinds of races, with different

distances. Field is about your skill at jumping and throwing. Track and

field rank with soccer as one of the two most popular sports in the world!

Track consists of four types of races amid individual athletes:

running, hurdle, steeplechase, and walking, and then the team races called

relays. Running races consist of sprints, middle distance races, and

distance races, in order of their length. Hurdle races are events when the

runners jump over things called hurdles. They vary in length.

Steeplechase are 3000 meter races that involve hurdles and water jump.

The runners have to jump over 28 hurdles, and must clear 7 water jumps.

Walking races are just like the name says, you walk races according to

specific rules. Lastly, the team sport, relays, are run by four runners. Each

member of the team will run a certain distance while holding a baton in

their hand and then when they reach the next team member they pass of

the baton.

Running is a wonderful, popular sport in which you keep in shape,

build up muscles, sleep better, are more healthy, and mostly, have fun! It’s

a good idea for anyone who wants to keep in shape.

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