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What or who is a hero? There are so many people with so many different heroes that it would be impossible to name one person as “The Hero” The dictionary translation of hero is:


In mythology and legend, a man, often of divine ancestry, who is endowed with great courage and strength, celebrated for his bold exploits, and favored by the gods. A person noted for feats of courage or nobility of purpose, especially one who has risked or sacrificed his or her life. GRAND, NOBLE. Of impressive size or power. A person noted for a special achievement in a particular field.

Are peoples heroes always human? Absolutely not. Many people have considered dogs as heroes. In history dogs have saved many people from drowning and hypothermia. Dogs have a acute sense of smell that has allowed them to save people who are lost or buried under rubble or snow. Dogs have

I asked a bunch of random people from all over the US What they thought a hero was and who their hero is. Here are some of their responses:

a hero is someone you can admire because they possess, in your eyes, the qualities of a hero and/or they have done something significant in your life/

My hero is my father.

a hero is someone who sets a good example by actions, words, or emotions but never with the intention of being seen as a hero. Someone who effortlessly effects and influences those around them to be honest, i don’t really have one true hero. i have lots of heroes…my parents, my coaches, my friends, my little sister, etc. -billie jean king-

okay…. i consider someone a hero who does something so other people can have a better quality of life. My two heroes are Nelson Mandela and John Lennon

Someone who fights for others without gain

well i would have to say my hero is my dad because he has inspired me to do everything i have done in my life

? ? someone who saves you and betters your life I am my own hero, you wanna know the only person that can really change your life for the better?? Take a long hard look in the mirror

This one is kinda cool too.

I consider a hero to be someone that would go beyond their way to make others happy, and to know that he’s doing something good for others as for himself.

1) A hero is someone you can you learn from. Someone you look up to…

2) I think i don?t have that much heroes. I played in a band called “MY HERO DIED TODAY” and we were trying to tell the kids that heroes are crap. You should try to be your own hero. Go and create your own stardom

My dog and eddie vedder Here is an example of a non-human hero.

darryll strawberry

antonin artaud

A personal savior

Jesus Christ – HE DIED FOR THE SINS OF ALL WHO come to him his way

someone who goes out of their to save or help out someone’s life and I can’t think a any person that is my hero,

a Hero is a fool whom make’s a fatal self sacrifice. This one is interesting…

I don’t have a Hero.

well a hero is to me a man that rises above himself…runs into a burning house to save someone…

a hero is someone that does what they can to make another person’s life better…one that sets an example for others to follow

…my dad is my hero

a hero is someone who is truthful and upstanding and is above reproach , also brave . a hero ….hmmmmmmjohn mccain

A hero is an ordinary person…who continues to do good in the face of adverse surroundings…My hero is Jesus

a human who goes out of there way to do something really good …. no heros but myself

I would look for someone who lives what they believe, sets a positive example for other people someone with self respect, respect for others, and lives their life with dignity

a hero, someone that inspires me to do better and seek further my stillborn son, Caleb Ralph Joseph is my hero

a hero is someone who is brave, courageous, always thinking of others my hero is my father

A hero is someone a person looks upto…God is my hero…


the kind of guy that will leave people alone I don’t think this guy wanted to talk to me!

i consider a hero to be someone you can look up too

my hero is my mom cheezy i know but true

hero = someone a person looks up to for various reasons .. whether it’s physical attributes… mental ability … comedic sense etc etc etc

My Hero = Me

A hero is anything or anyone who aids you in any way possible, although there are “degrees” of this such help Everyone

A hero is a person who goes through thick and a\thin to save people and help them. My hero are my parents

As you can see most people think a hero is somebody who influences you or does something special. I was amazed be the number of “my dad” answers I got. I was expecting more famous people.

I am still unsure about my hero but I’m sure that someday I will find somebody possessing qualities like many of those mentioned above and I will be able to call them “my hero”.

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