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Long ago in the kingdom of Java, there lived a young Sultan and his brother named Pangeran Adipati Agung. An able and strong man, the young Pangeran was much loved by his people.

One day, during a palace celebration, the Pangeran fell in love with a beautiful dancer and decided to marry her. However, his brother the Sultan objected because she was a commoner and a palace dancer. In spite of this, the young Pangeran decided to marry her secretly. The marriage bore them a beautiful daughter who they named Radin Mas Ayu.

When the Sultan found out about the wedding, he plotted to break his brother s family. He sent his brother away to lead an attack on a neighbouring country. In his absence, he ordered the Pangeran s house to be set on fire. The Pangeran s wife was killed but his daughter was saved by a loyal follower.

On his return, the Pangeran discovered of the tragedy. In his grief for his wife and with deep hatred for his Sultan brother, he and his daughter left Java and set sail for Singapore.

The Pangeran Adipati settled in Teluk Blangah. They lived a quiet and peaceful life until one day, the village was attacked by pirates. The Pangeran fought bravely with the other villagers and thwarted the pirate attack. He became a local hero of the people.

The Sultan of Singapore was grateful and invited him to his royal court. Upon discovering his royal blood, the Sultan decided to marry him off with his daughter. The Pangeran who, after being single for a long time, accepted the offer as it would give his daughter a mother .

The marriage bore them a son which they named Tengku Chik. However, not long after, the marriage took a sour turn as the wife became jealous of his love for his daughter. The wife s jealousy became an obsession and soon her hatred drove her to rid herself of her husband and her stepdaughter.

To help her accomplish her plans, the princess engaged the help of her nephew Tengku Bagus. Tengku Bagus was an evil man who wanted Radin Mas Ayu for his bride. However Radin Mas Ayu detested that man.

The Tengku went out to trick the Pangeran. The Pangeran after being tricked found himself in a well and left to die.

With her husband in captivity, the Princess decided to force Radin Mas into marriage with Tengku Bagus. Radin Mas, who knew of her father s fate, was afraid to refuse as it would mean certain death for her father.

During the solemnisation ceremony, Radin Mas was asked if she had sought her father s permission for the marriage. Fearing for her father s life she lied, saying that he was dead. Then Tengku Chik, Radin Mas step-brother, interrupted and informed those present in the ceremony of the Pangeran s whereabouts.

With the evil plot uncovered, the Pangeran was soon rescued. The evil Tengku Bagus wanted to kill the Pangeran with his keris, but accidentally stabbed Radin Mas instead. She died in her father s arms.

While Tun Bagus was being captured, the Princess made her escape. At that moment, the sky turned dark and the clouds began to roll. With divine intervention, the princess was struck dead by lightning while escaping.

Radin Mas Ayu was buried at the foot of today s Mount Faber. A small shrine (keramat) still stands today in her memory. A whole village was named after her, and today an entire constituency bears her name.


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