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No matter what stage in life people are they are subjected to influences. But never before has my generation been under so much influence. We are under influence from our friends, teachers, parents and new information technologies. The influence one person has on another is great. It is so great that it helps with the way we think and the choices we make.

The next generation is under the most influence from our own generation. We can mostly thank our friend?s influence on us for the things we do and the things we say. Parents realise this and that?s probably why they tell us not to hang around with that sort of crowd. But the influence from our friends can be the most dangerous and the most important support we are likely to get. This is because they will probably be our friends for life.

The next major influence on us is from our parents. They are our legal guardians and we are subject to their commands and influences. Children usually copy what a parent does and tries to do that themselves. Unfortunately parents sometimes don?t realise that their influence can be destructive to a child?s future development. Our future is partly in their hands.

We are in contact with these people five (5) days a week. They are our teachers. Teachers are especially an important influence on us because they are teaching us things we will need in later life. Over many years the job of teacher has changed from one of just teaching to one of support. Never before have teachers been under so much pressure to push us in the right direction. This is why they are such an important influence on us.

A very big part of the influence my generation is subject to is that of information technology. More than ever we are learning more from the television set and from radio. But most importantly the WWW has become the biggest and most useful influence on us. Not many people my age stop and think where all this information is coming from. The Internet is a huge place and there are many things on the WWW that are not supposed to be for our viewing. The Internet contains dangerous material and that?s why the Internet is a major influence on us. But the influence from our friends, family and teachers is sure to lead us in the right direction when we are exploring such a huge and useful resource.

There are many more influences, but to me these are the most important. We usually look towards role models whether they are friends or parents to guide us and give us encouragement. More and more today the people around us influence us most. This will help us to decide how we will live our lives and how we will think when it is our turn to enter the real world.

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