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The legend states: Once upon a time three strangers randomly realized they were stranded on an island. Each insisted the territory was theirs. Placed together by chance or intentionally one will never know. The three were surrounded by tress and some man made structure left from the previous travelers. After looking over the materials the three could not come to a conclusion on what to do. This feeling of indecisiveness causes man mixed emotions to disperse. Time was running out quick and it was only a matter of time before the three became desperate wanted eat one another. While being argumentative a love hate relationship had developed. All three wanting to making the best of the haphazard situation the three began building together and redirecting their own anger. In exploring the land, obstacles did arise causing minor delays and making certain goals impossible. To our knowledge the three eventually prospered from their different ideas and managed to form a sturdy foundation to build on top of. Remember there always are weak threads, but tied together the correct way everything becomes possible.

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