Society’s Receptacles Essay, Research Paper

Freire expresses much anger toward teaching in our society. He tells us repeatedly that the way students are taught in the world should changed. He tells us that teachers make “deposits” which the students patiently receive, memorize repeat. Therefore if he was to give an assignment today in our English class it would probably be to look at society at a totally different way.

Freire’s essay would probably have no or very few restrictions. He would give an assignment that would have a person look at something important in his life and have that person look at it from a totally different view. For example; If a person was to look at basketball. He would have to look at it from the view of an outsider. His essay would probably look at the object of the game. It would also look at the players and place them according to skill and avoid what society thinks of them. The player’s reputation off the court would be ignored and their skill in

the game of basketball would be observed. This is what Freire means when he says look from a outsider’s point of view. Look at things how no one else look at them.

Freire would present to his students the idea of looking at things differently and would not even restrict the students to an essay. He would probably except anything such as a poem, paper, or a picture. As long as the perception does not fit the one that society shows us. The essay that is shown below is about a rap group named the Wu-Tang Clan. This was a very good choice to write this essay because they look at society through the eyes of an outsider.

The Wu-Tang Clan is a rap group that came out with there first CD in 1993. This CD soon became a rap classic. They combine real street life from the projects with lyrics that were deep and had much meaning. The Wu puts forward explicit lyrics that identify with the audience and bring them to the reality of the slums. What was very desirable about the Wu was that they would have lyrics that were very comical and would some how tie them to reality! They sent out strong

messages such as in the song C.R.E.A.M (Cash Rules Everything Around Me). Where they were raised Cash basically solved anything. This they portrayed through their music.

The Wu-Tang Clan sends clear and explicit messages through out their first CD. In their latest album they have songs that are dedicated to “all those families that went through the struggle.” In this song they tell the audience about one member’s childhood. They talk about Ghost Face Killa, who has a baby son, and from this experience he says that he “saw life for what its really worth and took a step back.” He repeatedly says that “all that I got is you, and I am so thankful that I made it through.” and later asks “Was I meant to be hear, Why?”

Wu-Tang means “Witty Unpredictable Talent And Natural Game.” Their music had beats that were ingenious and had lyrics that were comical but at the same time were true! For example: “They Devils worship this like a icon, bear huggin’ mics with the grips of a python” he also say, “I’m too ill, I represent Park Hill, see my face on the twenty dollar bill, cash it in and get ten dollars back!” These lyrics are very comical and put together with beats that are ingenious they

are a golden combination. That is why their are very popular.

If one listens to the CD you will realize what really the Wu stands for. Why millions chose to live their culture. They basically tell all to live life to the fullest. By telling the truth they attract more to their clan and make their culture even more popular. Unlike others of their era the Wu have propelled themselves to the top and made their own culture which million have followed throughout the years.

If Freire looks at this essay, he would look at it totally from a objective point of view. He would probably like it because the Wu-Tang Clan are basically outsiders to society and therefore, have to tell it how they perceive life. I would not even think that Freire would correct grammatical errors. He would want the writer to correct it, in this way they would learn their mistakes and so would correct them. This would eliminate the chance of making the same mistakes again.

Basically Freire would except anything that the look at life from a different point of view. He would ask people to look at it most differently as possible. Any method that helps look at society different will be excepted by Freire.

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