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Court News

The following is a transcript of the recent hearing of the

Curtis brothers.


L: Randy were you there the night of Bobs death?

R: Yes your honor.

L: What happened that night and how did it happen?

R: Well it all started when we all saw the two Greasers

(Pony and Johnny) in the park. We were completely drunk

and had no idea what we were doing so I guess we all just

wanted to beat the two of them up, no really big reason it is

just that the we hate the Greasers and the Greasers hate us.

So we got out of the car and started to gang beat

pony, when I think of it now it is kind of harsh, we mostly

just tried to drown him but we ended up not harming either

one of them that much it was Bob that was going to pay the

consequence. I turned around and there was my best friend

Bob laying there, choking over blood and dieing right before

my eyes. I had no idea what to do so I ran .

L: Thank you Randy you my go sit back down

now I would like to call Sherri Vallance to the stand


Cherry Vallance

L: So how much of the murder do you know about?

S:Well awile ago I had gone to the Drive In Movies.

Bob and Randy had been drinking lots that night so we

decided to leave them there alone.

We met Pony boy and Johnny, we had stayed with them

most of the night. Bob and Randy saw Marsha and I with

them and I guess they got a little jelous, and they looked

very mad at pony and Johnny.

I don?t really know what happened when they

murdered Bob but I know that Im still aching from it.

L: Thank you Cherry

L: We call Darry curtis to the stand please.

L: Darry were you very good friends with Dally?

D: Yes I was your honor we were the best of friends.

L: What did you do when you found out that Pony was

missing and was wanted for murder?

D: I cried all day long every day and I searched the city

for him every day also.

L: Thank you , you may have a seat now.

L: I call Soda Pop Curtis to the stand please.

L: Soda Pop what happened before Pony Boy ran off

out of your house and went missing?

SP: Well Pony came home late the night he left and we

were up all night worried sick about him. Well when he did

come home I guess Darry was a bit mad so I guess we all got

into a little yelling fight and darry got very mad and ended

up hitting Pony, and that was when Pony left and didn?t

come back till a week ago.

L: Thank you Soda Pop you may have a seat now too.

L: Now last of all I would like to call Pony Boy Curtis to

the stand please.

J: Pony boy tell, me do you like living in the house that

you are living in right now with you r brothers?

PB: Yes I do I love living with them it is great I have

alot of fun.

J: And do you like the school that you are going to is it a

healthy environment to be in?

PB:Yes I have lots of friends and I really enjoy going


J:What kind of grades do you get in school?

PB: I have almost all As and the rest are Bs Im a good

reader and I really like to do school work all the time.

J: Thank you Pony Boy that is all this case is closed with no

further adieus.

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