Adjusting To College


Adjusting To College Essay, Research Paper

This file is copyright of Jens Schriver (c) It originates from the Evil House of Cheat More essays can always be found at: —> … and contact can always be made to: ————————————————————– Essay Name : 1424.txt Uploader : Email Address : Language : englishSubject : ReligionTitle : The PriesthoodGrade : 10School System : Richmond Burton CHSCountry : U.S.Author Comments : A short paper concerning the priesthoodTeacher Comments : noneDate : 11/22/96Site found at : link from report/essay database————————————————————–The PriesthoodI chose this carrer to make it up to God for all the bad things I’ve done in life. the job of a Priest is a difficult yet rewarding one. Priests guide people spiritually and emotionally. The typical day of a priestwith morning mass, then prayer, and finally other activities such as personal

counsiling or confession. A priest may also visit a hospital to comfort the sick orperform at a wedding or a funeral. Priests work mostly in their respective parishes,which, depending on your location, will usually be a neat and clean place. A priestthe field may be working in very unpleasant conditions depending on where he isplaced. Training for priesthood usually begins in the college years, but some highschools offer programs in preisthood training. A priest must spend 8-10 yearsstudying after high school. A priest must have to have a good background in biblestudies, English, general science, psycology, theology, and may be reqired to knowat least one forigen language (usually Spanish). For all the work it takes, priests make very little money. A priest will usuallyabout $9000 dollars a year. On the other hand, priests recieve free living space, freefood, and in most cases a car. To be a priest I think you must be very dedicated toreligion and want to sacrifice to help people. ————————————————————–

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