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Before buying a home computer, the smart shopper must first assess their computer wants and needs, do some basic research and finally, comparison-shop for the best price.

First, determine how you will use the new computer system. Will you be buying it primarily for gaming and personal use, or using it as a home-based business system? The fact is, the average home user who needs a general purpose PC (personal computer) to surf the Internet and run gaming software differs little from the average worker s system in an office. The novice buyer will need to determine which applications and software they will need. They must also consider the overall operating speed and data storage capacity of the computer that will function the most efficient for their new computer system s intended use. Consumers contemplating the purchase of a computer should expect to pay between $1,200 – $2,200 for a new well-equipped system.

Second, a person unfamiliar with computer configurations and terminology will have to do some research to learn how each computer component operates and what options will work best. There are many different aspects to a computer system that a person can easily be over-sold or under-sold on. If you acquaint yourself with the basic functions of the computer you can make a purchase that will suit your needs. There are many sources you can use to find out about how a computer works. The best source is someone you know and trust that is knowledgeable in computer lingo and can answer your questions. Another source is from a computer storeowner. They see you as a potential customer, and if the small business owner is satisfactory in helping you make an informed decision, you may represent future sales. Even if you don t purchase your system from them, you will always need supplies and upgrades in the future. Another source for information is the Internet. Most community libraries have access to the Internet with knowledgeable people that are willing to help. The library also has resource books and computer focused magazines with helpful information regarding computer systems and terminology definitions. Most of the well-known computer manufacturers also offer toll-free help lines to assist you in making an informed purchase.

After compiling all the information pertinent to your system, you must comparison shop. Retail computer sources are rapidly increasing. They range from large chain stores totally dedicated to computers, such as CompUSA to the small business owner on Main Street. An increasingly popular source is the computer itself, via the Internet. Many computer manufacturers now offer direct to the public sales. Dell Computer Corporation and Gateway Computers are probably the most widely recognized. If you don t have access to a computer, these companies also offer toll-free order hotlines. This direct-to-the-public purchasing source is becoming so popular because there is no middle man or price markup usually offers the consumer the best price on pre-packaged computer systems. Another source is the Main Street computer store. This merchant may not offer the lowest price, but he or she can offer personal service and close proximity should you ever have a problem or question, and don t feel knowledgeable enough to handle the solution over the phone with a whole-sale hotline representative.

If you are well informed about a computers basic terminology and understand the options, you can make an intelligent purchase that will work for you without being oversold on configurations you may never use. With a little research and investment of time you can save hundreds, or even thousands of dollars when considering a new computer system purchase.

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