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Even If You’re On The Right Track, You’ll Get Run Over If You Just Sit There Essay, Research Paper

If you’re on the right track, then you have thrust yourself to run. In other words, you are going the right way, but you have to push yourself to the goal you want to reach. I think that the quote, “Even if you’re on the right track, you’ll get run over if you just sit there,” relates to setting goals. There are a couple of steps you must complete before you precede on to what you desire. A goal is like a pyramid; you have to start out with something simple down at the base, and gradually build your way up to the top. Relating to the quote, each step you come over the track is one more step to reach what you think is most valuable to you.

The first step to decide what’s important. Try to find out what’s worthy to you in your life. There are numerous areas where you can start; but it’s easier to start off on one area so you can concentrate for what you are striving for. When you are experienced, you have the onset to control which way you must go and the tribulations you must face. Also, you must have patience in yourself. You can’t always expect what you want in the right instance. You have to take things in a slowly, reasonable pace. If you go intensely slow, then nothing will happen.

The second step is to determine what you want to reach. Know in your mind what you must fix, so that in the future, you are prepared. You can revise your mind by taking out a clean sheet of paper and jotting down ideas of what you want to possibly happen. The next step is to ask yourself, “What must I do to get closer to what I want?” Remember that there could be downfalls in the situation, which can effect the whole process of your goals.

In my personal experience, I’ve set many goals but never had the chance to complete them as a whole or even continue with them. I’ve now learned how to fix situations similar to these. If you’re out on the right track, do something about it instead of just sitting there. In my point of view, I strongly agree with this quote because it emphasizes what happens in daily life.

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