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1. The names of two other libraries on the campus are the new Science Library and the Gov. Thomas E. Dewy Graduate Library for Public Affairs and Policy.

2. Three types of reference books that can be found in the library are telephone books, college catalogs, and encyclopedias. Government publications are also accessible.

3. The name of the University Libraries? online catalog is the ADVANCE online catalog.

4. The Interlibrary loan system allows one to search for a journal article or book that cannot be found in the University?s collection. The interlibrary loan office will aid one in acquiring the book from another library.

5. To pay for photocopiers that do not accept change, one must obtain a VendaCard plastic debit card from the Periodicals Room.

6. The US Government Publications are arranged by a J 85, followed by the Superintendent of Documents number.

Affective Questions:

1. If I needed help with my research I would feel very comfortable asking a reference librarian for help. These reference librarians are here for our use, so I would definitely take advantage of them if I were struggling in my research.

2. Two questions that I would like to have answered about the library are 1) How many books are in the Science Library alone? ; and 2) is there anyway to access the libraries on campus if one is not a SUNY Albany student?

3. What I liked best about the library is the way it is organized. I was able to find each section with incredible ease. Unfortunately, I didn?t enjoy the lack of silence. Perhaps the library was particularly noisy because there were many other students trying to complete the same assignment I was. I knew that if I were in the library studying on this day, it would have been hard for me to concentrate.

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