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Comparison Essay

There are many different ways to explain the beginning and creation. Genesis and Edith Hamilton?s ?Mythology,? are two of many literary works you can find. Both show how characters were created and formed. They give detailed understanding and examples of creation.

In the Bible, Genesis tells the story of many beginnings- the beginning of the universe, the start of sin, and perhaps most important, the beginning of God?s work to restore a sinful humanity. The Bible begins with words that have become famous, ?In the beginning God created.? God, like an artist, fashioned a universe. He created the heavens and earth; light and darkness; morning and night; land and seas; stars and human. God proves that creativity is work.

Edith Hamilton?s, ?Mythology,? portrays how the Greek, Roman, and Norse mythology evolved. ?First there was chaos, the vast immeasurable abyss, outrageous as a sea, dark, wasteful, and wild.? Those words tell what the Greeks portrayed as the beginning. Before any of the gods were even around there was only chaos and darkness. Although un-explained, two children were born into this chaos and nothing. It was two children, black, emptiness, silence, and endless nights. Finally a break through occurred and earth was created. It was a solid ground. Once earth was about, the heavens, hell, seas, gods, and people came along.

Creation is obviously an important part of any myth, legend, or story. There has to be a beginning or start at some point in time. The Bible and ?Mythology? are two detailed and illustrated examples of creators and creation. The two pieces have great examples, stories, and illustrations of the beginning of something.

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