Christmas Time


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: Christmas Time

Christmas time is a wonderful time for me to celebrate. It is also the most joyful and memorable season. To bring Christmas time, I go to many festivals and activities. Where include the city park,the Christmas parade, and church. I also decorate my house inside and outside to get into the Christmas spirit. The Christmas season makes me excited and makes me smile.

At Christmas time, I enjoy many celebrations and activities. The city park has an annual caroling night. I join with high school band and chorus. I sing the Christmas music. I sing song to wish everyone Merry Christmas. The city also has a Christmas parade. I take a Christmas boat. This boat tour for me around downtown. The church is a busy place to celebrate during the holiday. I decorate the church with holly. I help in many ways to provide things for poor people. I cook turkey with honey, spaghetti, and roast beef to serve for Christmas dinner. I like to devote my time and effort to show my love to people at the Christmas time.

For this holiday, my house is decorated with ornaments inside and outside. On the front side of my house, I make big smile with lights. On my wall, I create an

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animated Santa’ snowman. Also, on the lawn I scatter deer. My door has a circle-string wreath with tinkle bells. I decorate pine trees by hanging them with brightly colored ornaments, twinkling lights, and some stockings. I wrap my presents with colored paper and placed under the Christmas tree. I put three strings of light in my room. I do my best to decorate my house. By hanging lights and decorating trees, I hope to enjoy my Christmas in my house.

To me Christmas is a special holiday to celebrate with people and enjoy each other. I never forget Christmas because it is time for me to get together. I like to make my house beautiful, so Christmas will be more memorable.

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