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In the movie Philadelphia a lawyer named Joe

miller takes a heroic journey. His journey is

taking a case dealing with an Aids patience that is

working in a distinguished law firm . Andrew

Beckon is wrongfully accused of losing an

important document regarding an important cort

case. To make the call of this hero more

interesting, he has a personal problem with

homosexual behaver . Also , he has to deal

with society ?s mindset on gays. Joe turns

down the call at first, but then receives it after

realizing that, Andrew Beckon has no one


Next, in the hero?s journey Joe goes though the

"jumping off point" of his journey. He is

interfaced between the know, that Andrew

Becker was fired from his job at the law firm.

Also, The unknown why was he fired from a

well-known law firm after being called " One Of

the best", by the head director. Joe Miller is

faced with finding the facts, mainly about why

was this "promising" lawyer without a job? Was

the firing of Andrew Beckon because he was an

active homosexual with Aids? This being one of

the biggest struggles taken by this hero?

Now, In this case Joe faces many challenges.

One: being how people really feel about

homosexuals. The second: proving to the journey

that sex preference does not hold an individual

working ability . The Third challenge, being up

against highly trained layers being accused of

firing aid patience. The forth challenge dealing

with, finding out why Andrew was really fired.

Though the Joe?s whole journey there are two

helpers. One Andrew Beckon himself , is aware

of what other law firms reactions are to aids

patience working for them. The other being Joe?s

wife making him aware of whom in their family

is homosexual. With both of them influencing this

hero, Joe is shown that some things are really are

an important risk.He is just learnig that not

everyone thinks his way( Man and woman).

Now at this point in the movie Philadelphia Joe

ungues the abyss. He is faced with the greatest

challenge of his whole journey. Can he win this

case before Andrew passes on? Also, do

homosexuals really make people more or less of

a person? He cannot take any more challenges

until he looks though himself to find the answers

to defend Andrew.

Joe Miller encounters a drastic change in the way

he thinks and views about homosexuals; after

going though the case. In the beginnings of his

quest Joe is afraid to even touch Andrew. Now

he is like a brother to him, part of the family in a

sense. He now seems to look at homosexuals in a

new light. He sees that your sex preference

doesn?t define you spirit as a person.

Finally, Joe returns to reality, after Andrew?s

death he sees what an impact Andrew has had on

his life, Joe is able to understand the life of a

hard working man. All Andrew wanted to do was

reprsent people in a court of law as best as he

possibly could.

Lastly, Joe understands why people stereotype

but, also why

things that you do in your personal life are

different, than the attitude and ability to work as

an individual." You?re truly a good man" Joe tells

Andrew on his deathbed. In return this is a lot for

Joe to deal with because of his feelings toward

the whole situation. "Thanks for everything "

replies Andrew as Joe is sliding his oxygen mask

up to avoid slipping, Joe learns ?not to judge a

book by it?s cover? but what?s inside.

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