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PlumbersNHL Players

Average salary of $46 000Earn more than $250 000 (minimum wage)

Not a very desirable jobA very desirable occupation

If City gets smaller and supply remains the same, demand decrease and vise versa Hockey is Canada?s national support and the demand is very high

If wages go up, supply increases, demand decreases drastically.No shortage of hockey players only shortage of exceptionally talented hockey players

Demand for good players is very high. Teams want franchise players and fans pay to see good players

Demand for millions of fans is high for the limited supply of exceptional talent

b) Governments:fix minimum wage

influence fringe benefits

Labor Unions:use their power to maintain or increase wages of their members

Improve working conditions

Large Employers: have considerable power to keep wages low

Mobility of Workers:high wages in one area would draw workers from lower paying areas of the country.

Other Factors:specialized training results in higher wages

Discrimination against women and minorities has meant they get paid less

Some professions were closed to women and minorities

Promotions were rare for women and minorities

GDP (Gross Domestic Product):measures the total value at market prices of all final goods and services produced in Canada over a period of time (usually a year).

Lorenz Curve:Measures the inequality of wages according to the percentage of families.

Income Equality

Natural ability- born with disability or with a specific talent.

Education- completed relavant courses in order to gain knowledge other?s don?t have

Property Ownership- owning large valuable assets puts you ahead

Ability to influence wages-Labour unions and professional association help raise wages for a select few professions

Discrimination- hurts minorities and women

Poor health- unable to work and earn a decent income

Region of residence some areas of countrys have higher employment

Luck- the right place at the right time has a lot to do with income equality.

Weeks worked- workers who work all year round gain benefits and thus have the edge over others.

Age- too young not enough money because of lack of experience. Too old not enough money because lost skills.

Government Anti Poverty Progams such as welfare, security pension, unemployment insurance and others try help out the poor or disadvantaged however I believe that this is the wrong approach. You got to follow the saying ?Give a man a fish he will have food for a day, teach a man to fish he will have food for life? Let old people do the sit down jobs and young people do the labour.


1)The minimum level of income that is required to adequately feed, clothe, and shelter a family. Created by Professor Sarlo for Nippissing Univerisity who sets the poverty line for families making less than $15 067.

2)A standard that defines what a Canadian needs to live with dignity among other Canadians. Created by a House of Commons sub committee (composed only of Conservatives) headed by Conservative MP Barbara Greene. This is a more detailed plan as it has different levels of poverty for different cities.

3)Statistics Canada?s Low income Cut Off is a relative measure closely tied to the average income and consumption patterns of Canadians.

Cause of Regional Inequality

The fish depletion has lead to huge umemployment in Atlantic Canada while the agricultural industry has lead to unemployment in Western Canada. However the technology sector has created jobs in Ontario, Quebec and B.C

NIT (negative income tax)- an alternative to the welfare system


It can replace welfare schemes that destroy the incentive that people have to get off it.Very expensive. No tax revenue + support = double whammi

It would guarantee a minimum income for allQuestionable whether there is incentive

It would treat all families with the same income the samePresent programs may be better designed to meet the individual needs of people

Less humiliating to the poor. Equality

Workers would receive a higher income than non workersPerhaps a combination of both programs would be helpful

Pg. 164

1)It is safe to say that in Canada men hold most of positions in high paying desirable jobs., while most women hold position in the lowest paying least dersirable jobs.

2)Yes I agree with Professor Watson. I am a babysitter and it is not very hard to look after children. One babysitter training course that lasts 2 days is more than enough training. A 12 year old is legally allowed to baby sit. It makes no sense

Pg. 176

3)The house of Commons standard is the best measure of poverty. It is the most detailed as it gives different poverty lines for different cities. It doesn?t just include the bare necessities. All families no matter how poor need extra money for fun.


1)Yes I believe that the welfare system should be replaced. I believe that unless they are disabled or a single parent they shouldn?t even be elegible for welfare. No one should get money for doing nothing. Spending time to get an education is what they should do.

2)Welfare is dumb. It only makes things worse.

Honda Motor Corp.: Annotated Bibliography


This is Honda?s official website. It is an excellent source of information on Honda Motor Corp., even though it is a little bit bias. It contains detailed information on the most recent press releases, financial information, history, future events and much more.

2)Honda Customer Relations

715 Milner Avenue

Toronto, Ontario

M1B 2K8


The nice gentlemen at Honda Customer Relations, Matt, has hooked me up with the Honda Motor Corp. Profile. It outlines all aspects of Honda?s operation and although the package has not been received, it is sure to be of the utmost help.

3)Dow Honda

835 Carling Avenue

Ottawa, Ontario

K1S 2E5

1-613- 237-2777

Provides excellent information of Honda?s role in the community. For example, their numerous donations of used vehicles to food banks and shelters and also their commitment to being the best dealer you?ve ever done business with.

4)Honda Tuning

Dec. 1999, Vol. 12, Issue 2,

This magazine is filled with articles pertaining to Racing and how Honda has a strangle hold on it?s competitors because of it?s continuos output of new, innovative automotive advances, everything from engines to seatbelts.


This is the home of the Electric Library. It browses through it database of thousands of magazines, newspapers, books, interviews and brings forth every article pertaining to Honda. It provides information on everything from recalls to lawsuits and even financial information.

6)Automotive Industries

June 1999, Vol. 179, Issue 6

Pg. 91, 3 p.

This article refers to the acquisition of Renault by Honda Motor Corp. It helps prove Honda?s continuing efforts to diversify even further and become a major player in the automotive market.

7)Journal of Management Studies

June 1999, Vol. 36 Issue 1

Pg. 25, 20 p.

Andrew Main

This article outlines Honda?s strategy to promote its new line of Honda products. It includes everything from the new Honda S2000 to the Honda feather-light trimmer. It also compares Honda?s advertising budget to that of the competitors.

8)Ward?s Auto World

Oct. 1999, Vol. 35, Issue 10

Pg. 52, 3 p.

Barbara McClellan & Katherine Zachary

This article compares the three major Japanese auto manufacturers, Nissan, Toyota and Honda, with one another. The report is very thorough and gives great insight into all three companies.

9)Honda: An American Success Story

Robert L. Shook

New York,

Prentice Hall C1988

This book is very informative. It shows Honda?s entry into the American market. It does an excellent job detailing the hardships that Honda faced, in order to become what it is today.

10)Popular Science

Dec. 1999, Vol. 255, Issue 6

Pg. 28, 3p.

Dan Carney & Don Sherman

This article details Honda?s risky project to develop the most fuel-efficient car in the world. This multi-million dollar project is what created the new Honda Insight. The Insight travels 78 mpg.

11)Automotive News

Oct. 25 1999, Vol. 74, Issue 5845

Pg. 24, 5 p.

Frank Washington

This article concerns Honda?s upscale luxury division, Acura, and how they have created a new plan to advertise it. In past years Honda and Acura were kept as two separate entities. The new advertising campaign has both Honda and Acura automobiles appearing in the same commercials.

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