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By getting the proper education and applying for a job, our unemployment has a good chance of decreasing a fair amount.

Unemployment is a big issue since some people seem to think that they can stay unemployed and on welfare for their whole life and get a fair amount of money from our government. “Permanent unemployment is BAD. It’s bad for people, it’s bad for business and industry, it’s bad for productivity and therefor prosperity” (Sartorius, unemployment 4-5). Some citizens believe that even though the current unemployment rate is only about five percent, that still is not that good considering how many people that there are in the United States of America. That is still over five million citizens remaining unemployed (Sartorius, unemployment 4-5). The unemployment rate for August in the United States was “5.1 percent, down three tenths of a piont since the prior month” (Griffin 1). Some researchers have found links between unemployment, poor mental health and poor general health possession. Other studies have shown that the informal support systems, like friends and relatives, can help absorb shock against the negative effects of unemployment (Unemployed 1).

The latest unemployment rate for August ‘96 shows that 4.3 percent of Vermont’s citizens are unemployed. That is about fourteen thousand people in just this one small state (Griffin 1). Think of how many people are unemployed in the entire United States. That would be over five million people. If people wanted to get out and get a job, they probobly could pretty easily. Instead of waiting for theirchecks from the government,they could get a job and bring home more money than the government sends considering that they have the proper education. One way to decrease unemployment would be to get the proper education to be successful in the job industry.

For my solution to the problem, I can launch a page on the internet to let peeople know that they should try their best to achieve a well paying job.

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