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During This essay we will be talking about two articles and how they are eventually

Related. We will first talk about one article and the three major themes and then we will move on to the next article and relate them as best as we can. We will also talk about the two major themes in each of these articles.

Love or Learning is the Key to long-term security: Author, Personal Finance. This was an article that teaches Canadians to pay themselves first then to keep their expenses under control for long-term. That is what David Chiton thought Canadians should do. When Jim Harris wrote the 1990 edition of the 100 best companies in Canada he stated that IBM was one of the best. He thought that if you picked IBM you were considered set for life. Harris states that job loss is primary fear in working Canadians. If you loose your job you are going to feel very insecure and go after a panicking situation. Harris says that not even the top notch companies have good job security. Jim Harris states in his latest book The Learning Paradox: Harris says in his book that way Canadian workers feel more confident they will have their work increase in better quality. Harris goes on to state that in three years 80% of the technology we use now will be no good down the road. Only 10% will be used. Harris is a very talented person who knows what he is talking about and has wrote to books on long-term security. These article is also about personal finance.

Harris suggests that if you test your left hand with something or your right hand you will feel incompetent. This is something that you must do so that you can improve in all areas and get better and better at everything you do. Harris says that if a company isn?t investing in you, you should take the initiative and do things for yourself.

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