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Tampa, FL- The Top Floor, the fastest growing restaurant of the Tampa Bay area, announced its merger today with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. This is a new concept where sports are concerned and has been the talk of town since the Buccaneers? victory last week over the Miami Dolphins.

?A sports team merging with a restaurant is not something you see everyday and we are so excited about the up-and-coming events being held this Friday,? said Kyle Parker, who has been a season ticket holder for the past four years.

The merger will mean expansion for the restaurant and more capital. The Buccaneers will gain much more exposure through promotions held at ?The Top Floor? and box seat holders will have added benefits as well, which the Buccaneers forsee increasing season ticket sales. This merger will increase local jobs by bringing a sports- minded staff, energetic staff.

Not only will this merger be creating jobs and uniting players and fans, but will also bring in stars who support the Buccaneers and want to help support this merger through donations and advertisements.

?My wife Jennifer and I have been frequenting this place for the past month or so since its? grand opening. We try to make it out here once a week if not twice due to


its? atmosphere and originality. Now that the players will be joining us upstairs we are even more excited. It really means a lot to the fans of Tampa to know the team supports the fans and that the fans support the team like this. I will look forward to every game this year,? said Brad Pitt in a recent interview when asked his opinion on the merger between Tampa Bay and ?The Top Floor.?

?This is causing jealousy among many other large cities who have received word of the merger. Everyone thinks it is a great idea, allowing fans to meet the players and it really creates a bond between the team and its hometown. I?m holding out high hopes of something like this falling in to our laps here,? said Vince Cerni, a restaurant owner in Gainesville, FL.

The Buccaneers will hold their first pre-game party Friday at 6:00 p.m.

Surrounded by five big screens, fans will be able to enjoy a great view up close. Box seat holders will have reservations up stairs in fine dining for the victory party with the players. They will enjoy drinks and gourmet food following this game and every game of the season.

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