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The good design nuances of Colors magazine ?lend? well to the Macsystems

advert. Maybe this comes from the similar design goal that a magazine and advert

share. Their functions are to clearly and effectively communicate information,

whilst also to visualise an identity for itself. As a chief social function of

design is to visualise the identity of institutions and audiences. To reiterate

this point. Think about what the Macsystems advert would look like if it were

redesigned with the Underworld/Tomato sleeve? The result for me would have been

more interesting to look at. This would however detract from the adverts

readability, making it harder to decode, ineffective as an informative advert

and therefore a bad piece of design. Just because something looks interesting to

look at doesn?t mean it?s a good design. Deciding wether something is a good

design or bad is a difficult thing. There are so many variables such as taste,

current ideologies, social values and attitudes on design to base a decision.

Graphic design described by Ellen Lupton is a category encompassing any form of

communication in which signs are scratched, carved, drawn, printed, pasted,

projected, or otherwise inscribed onto surfaces. Graphic Design is utterly

commonplace, appearing everywhere and produced by anyone. More people today have

the potential to produce graphic design, than ever before, wether it be good or

bad. Graphic design can be produced by anyone with access to computers with

design applications, whether this be at home, school, college, university or the

library. Anyone truly can use the technology, but not all can design with it. As

a final piece of design, the Macsystems advert is defiantly much better. The

success of redesigning something bad out of good in this way, really comes down

to how appropriate the nuances of the good design are. Can we conclude that

truly great pieces of design, are the ones that can be formulated and used

universally. I don?t think so, Graphic design can never be that simple. As the

ideologies of society change, so does the effectiveness of design. Are the

pieces of design that survive this change any better than the others? A single

formula for great design can never exist. Graphic design is too diverse, with

many languages and levels to communicate through. Graphic design doesn?t have

a Holy Grail. It can never exist because everything based on one formula would

begin to look similar and so boring. Who would stand for it?

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