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Close you eyes and imagine standing on top of a mountain. Take a deep breath and smell the clean air. Now, open your eyes and look at the abundance of trees and the clear ocean water. If this sounds like a getaway to you, then it is time to take a vacation to Australia. Not only is Australia beautiful, it also has some of the greatest people, sights, and attractions on the planet.

If you have ever traveled to a foreign country, you know that it is sometimes very difficult to get from place to place if you do not know the language. Often times the natives of the country can become frustrated with you because of the communication barriers. In Australia, this is not a problem. The people of Australia are all extremely nice. Not only can you communicate with them, but you can also learn a little of their lingo. For example, G?day means hello, and fag means cigarette. Not only are the people friendly, but they also are curious about the American culture. They want to know what there is to do here and what everything looks like. You might even find and Australian trying to imitate your accent.

In Australia, you can find the most beautiful sights and the most interesting animals. If you are a stargazer, Australia is especially the place for you. In Australia the air is so clean that you can see every star in the sky. One of the most famous sights in Australia is the Great Barrier Reef. The best way to find a good spot on the reef is by traveling with a tour boat. These boat tours usually offer a boat ride to the reef, snorkeling, scuba diving, a glass bottom boat ride and also transportation to a small island. The reef is definitely one of the most beautiful sights to see in Australia. Another great place to see beautiful sights is by taking a bus tour. The buses will take you to the tops of mountains and to the most beautiful sightseeing places in the area. Among all of these beautiful sights, also be sure to check out a zoo. There are many animals on that side of the world that we don?t have here in the United States. The Kiwi, for example, is an extremely rare animal that is on the verge of extinction. The only place you will be able to see one is in Australia. Also, in the petting zoos, there are not just goats and pigs, but there are also kangaroos and koalas to pet.

If you are looking for something more fun to do, Australia is the place to go. First, you must take a ski lift up to the middle of a mountain. Then, you get a ticket to take a loom ride. This is something that you won?t find here in the United States. Next, you put on your helmet and sit on a plastic seat with wheels and handle bars. Then, off you go down the mountain. You can race your friends, or go slow, and enjoy the ride around the curves. If you like the great outdoors, perhaps you would like to stay on a farm. Or as the Australians would call it, ?the outback.? Here you stay in a motel type room, and receive complimentary breakfast, lunch, and dinner. When you get up in the morning, you can take a horseback ride to different sights, play with boomerangs, and learn how to cook over the fire. Something else that you may find interesting about the outback is the abundance of kangaroos running around. Since you are out in the wild, you will see many of them. If you like speed, you can also enjoy a speedboat ride. The boat will take you on an exhilarating ride through a wide river and down to a waterfall. Bring your raincoat for this one because you will get wet!

These sights and activities do not come close to explaining the beauty and enjoyment of Australia. After this long trip, you will have a long flight home. However, it is guaranteed that you will want to go back. Australia is a place different from all other places in the world. Although traveling to Australia has one of the longest flights, it is well worth the wait.

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