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Living by the Mountains

If I could choose where I would live, I would live by the mountains. All my life I have been taught to be appreciative of the woods and nature. My love to be in the mountains is partly because of my love of snow. This has given me the passion for the outdoors that I know today.

When I was a young child, around age ten, my father introduced me to deer hunting. This became my ?root? in my love of nature. The mountains have always given me a since of purity, from new fallen snow on the snow-capped mountains, to the beautiful lakes and green fields in the valley.

My dream home would be a small log cabin in a luscious valley surrounded by white, snow-capped mountains and hundreds of acres of trees, mountains, lakes, and wildlife. This would allow me to express my love of nature and living off my surroundings. Here I would be able to have a garden with the food I live off of, I would have a large pasture filled with horses and cattle, and I would also have the chance to hunt and hike the beautiful mountain trails around my home.

As a result, I would own many acres. This would make my family and I secluded in comparison to everyone else. This would take away my worry of time, neighbors, appointments, and just the over all hustle and bustle of towns and cities.

Just living in a place like this would also give me the opportunity that I need to be with my family and just observe and take in the exquisite beauty of the mountains and land around me. Therefore, if I had a choice, I know my place in life and my dream to be surrounded by mountains, wildlife, and all of the things in nature that I have been taught and just grown to love in my life.

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