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I like watching TV, and when I have time I watch everything related to nature and animals. I observed since I was little that some animals are not treated as they should be, and it bothers me when I see people making experiments on animals, using them to entertain other people, or destroying their houses. Many people feel that animals have no rights, and are here for our use only. Humans are animals too, and we shouldn t take advantage of other animals just because they can t reason like us. When I see this happening I wonder myself how moral is it to make another living creature suffer.

Yesterday for example, I was walking by the math building, and something in the biology lab caught my eye it was a teacher dissecting an animal. I felt disgusted, and I wish I did something to save his life. Although these experiments are made for the benefit of medical and scientific research, I still think that this is not ethical. I became more upset when I saw a mouse sitting in a cage in a corner of the lab. It is not right to force a mouse to live in a laboratory cage to test anti-cancer drug. How would you like to be squeezed in a cage with many other animals, not being able to touch the grass, run around and play, smell the flowers, or go for a walk in the warmth of the sunshine? Animal cruelty is wrong because we are hurting living creatures. So, it is possible to commit an immoral act against an animal. Animals are creatures just like us, and they experience and feel pain, fear, anxiety, depressions, and emotions like humans. I just stood there, and I saw the teacher killing the poor animal; moreover, when the dissection began that living creature became very nervous because the pain was insupportable. I was actually able to see the animal struggling between life and death. A couple of seconds later he was dead. I felt a pain in my stomach, so I had to leave. When someone violates our rights we get hurt which often results in some kind of action. But animals are helpless; therefore, they can’t take any action because they are less intelligent then humans. I do believe that humans are the supreme beings on this planet, and that we are on the highest evolutionary scale, but still that does not give us the right to commit wrong acts to the animals. Teachers should stop killing animals, and I believe that dissection teaches nothing but cruelty. Nothing is learned by cutting up an animal that cannot be learned from photographs or drawings. Children do not learn about the human body by killing and dissecting a person, they learn from diagrams and textbooks. Animal experimentation is unethical due to the suffering and death of animals in the laboratory, and that they have a right to be free from such exploitation. How would you feel if somebody immersed you for 1 second in hot boiling water? Would you feel any pain? These things mentioned are morally wrong because they are evil in nature. I m not totally against experiments because something good can come out of it, but we should experiment on animals only when we really need to.

As evil in nature as animal experimentation sounds, so is the entertainment business involving animals. I believe that animal circus is perhaps the cruelest entertainment of all because the way animals are treated. Once my parents took me to a circus, but I couldn t understand what kind of charm or fun people get out of watching animals do humanly acts. While everyone was laughing I felt sorry for those animals, and I couldn t make it to the end of the show. Why do we want animals to be more like us when they are perfectly fine being themselves? When we watch the circus, we only see what goes on in front of us, but what goes behind the scenes is a completely different story. Some animals are beaten to perform better; moreover, some animals are chained to iron poles so they won’t run away, and some people still don t understand that animals were not created for entertainment. It is not right to hold these animals caged against their wills and hurting them repeatedly. What do zoos teach children? The animals are stolen from their natural habitats, and are brutally transferred. They suffer from boredom and have natural needs such as running, climbing, flying, and natural mating. Animals are locked in cages, and they are taken from place to place, and of course they are hurt. These animals are wild, and they need their space, and if they don’t get their space they react in a negative way. Other entertainment involving animals such as bull fighting is also immoral because it is unnecessary and causes much bloodshed to the animals.

I m also against the destruction of animal habitat. Imagine if one day a bulldozer pulled up right in front of your beautiful serene-looking house, and in a blink of an eye, destroyed your house completely without any warning. How would you feel? What kind of emotions would you be experiencing at that particular time? I bet you would start crying and bad words would come out of your mouth. What if your whole community was destroyed in this manner without any explanation or warning? Ok so it was an order for the government to build a new highway, and your house just happened to be in the way. The government probably will say, “hey, it is our right to do so, it is for the development of the society.” Well just because it is their right and for the benefit of development does not mean that it is right! Just because the government has more power than you, doesn’t mean it is fair to destroy what you call home. This act would be considered highly immoral due to the fact that it was wrong. Now imagine yourself in an animals shoe, whose homes are destroyed everyday by the minute.

We say that animals don’t have emotions or don’t feel pain, but that is to the contrary. We have to become more aware of the significance wild-life has on us, and we have to educate ourselves about why animals have to be treated kindly. They may not experience life as we do, but they have their likes and dislikes, and they are aware of their own needs and their environment. In my opinion anyone who hurts an animal with no guilty conscious is demented in some way. Being cruel and evil to animals is simply immoral.

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