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Beowulf Essay

There were many differences between Beowulf the play and 13th Warrior the

movie. In the play Beowulf was depicted as a soul warrior who?s strength and ability was

unmatched. In the movie the supposed Beowulf was just another warrior. In actuality

the movie depicted Beowulf as more of a group of warriors rather then just a single hero.

Grendar was also depicted differently in the movie then how he was in the play.

In the movie Grendar was a sole monster whose wrath was unbearable. In the movie

Grendar was not only more human and less of a tirant but was accompanied by a hole

town of warriors. Weapons were also used in the movie, which directly comes into

conflict with the play for Grendar was said to have had a spell protecting him of all

weapons. This then comes into the difference in which Grendar was killed. In the play

he was killed by Beowulf?s bare hands and in the movie he was stabbed with Beowulf?s


Another difference in the movie was the order in which Grendar and Grendars

mother was killed. In the play Beowulf killed Grendar then later killed his mother. In the

movie Beowulf Killed his mother first then killed Grendar later on.

Beowulf the play and 13th Warrior the movie really do not have much in common

and could almost be considered two entirely different movies.

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