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I can only imagine the perfect society. I look around and all I see is violence and hate, our world at this point is disturbing. There are murders due to hate in this world everyday. The hate in today s real world society is appalling. It starts from the most senseless acts such as, some types of rock music, passing of uncouth comments, and lack of a structured family life. If I had the power to change it all, I would. But still, all I can do is dream.

My perfect society would be located on a beautiful island in the Caribbean. Here the members of MY utopia can be free to do as they wish, with the exception of a few rules that would only make the society better. My first rule would be that no one is allowed to put anyone else down in any way. My second rule would be, no drugs, or alcohol allowed on the island. If you are off the island you are free to abolish this rule, but when you are in the presence of the other members of the island you must abide by it. My last rule is that there are to be no weapons allowed on the island at anytime unless carried by law enforcement.

There aren t many requirements for membership into my utopian society. Of course you must be a kind person with a big heart, and open mind. You must be willing to help other people in the society without a complaint, and be there for anyone when they need you.

This pretty much sums up my idea of a perfect society. Lying on the beach and chilling with friend could make just about anyone happy. This way you don t have to worry about what is going on around you because it is just as peaceful as where you are. I couldn t ask for much more in my society. I would be much happier living in those conditions then living in what we are right now. I feel my utopian society is fairly realistic and could one day even be produced.

Being that my society is just like the society we are living now, I do not think that the members of my society will get bored with it. If any of the members do get bored with the society I have created I am open to any suggestions they may have to change it. I am not going to tell the members of my society that there is no room for changes, because there is always room for changes in any society.

The government in my society will be much like the one we have here in the United States. We will have a president, a vice president and many other republicans and democrats. Of course I will be the president and the members of my society will elect a vice president every two years, but I will always be the president.

If anyone in my society becomes disgruntled at any time they can feel free to talk to me and I will help them figure out a way to make them happier than ever. I do not want anyone at anytime to feel unhappy about the way I am running my society so, if they just talk to me I will help make anything better.

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