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Windows200, SmartSuite, and CorelDraw v.9

Windows200, SmartSuite, and CorelDraw v.9 are three great computer products that huge firms such as Microsoft, Lotus, and Corel build high hopes on. The products mentioned above are the latest creation of these big firms, and they are willing to invade the computer software markets using these software. In the following memo I will illustrate to u all the important characteristics of these products.

Windows2000 also known as Windows NT version 5 is supposed to be the blast of the computer industry. In Windows 2000 Microsoft have taken the best out of Windows95, Windows98 and Windows NT; fixed all of their bugs and successfully joined them together to produce the ultimate computer software.

Windows 2000 is considered the easiest windows operating system yet for working on your computer, browsing the Web, and setting up and configuring your system. That is because it contains 64-bit Windows provides high availability, advanced scalability and large memory support based on the 64-bit Intel chip with extensive multiprocessing features, powerful floating-point arithmetic extensions, and multimedia specific instructions. Plus a simple more intelligent interface and an easy-to-configure system; it is also considered the easiest because using its built in Microsoft Internet explorer 5 is fast, easy, and productive.

I believe we all agree that Windows2000is going to produce huge income to the Microsoft family, as they have been working on it for a long time now. They have also promised their costumers with the ultimate windows edition in Windows2000and people are expecting this and much more from Windows2000

SmartSuite for OS/2 is the latest edition of the lotus SmartSuite family. In this office solution set you are capable to produce the most out of your office work. For example: SmartSuite offers its users the ability to work on word documents, spreadsheets, and many other office software using the enhanced technology of Lotus 1-2-3 which includes most of the features in 1-2-3 Millennium Edition for Windows. Also available in this package is new file format that supports 64K rows, SmartLabels which is a very useful tool to perform mathematical calculations. Included in the package is more than 58 new functions to make calculations and office work easier and of better use to advanced users. Hyperlinks, Sheet copy/move, and the support for Comma Separated Values (CSV) file format are more useful tools that already exist in the old versions and are also included in the latest version. This great office software also includes enhanced Internet and HTML support; it is Windows2000 compatible, and enhanced easy installation and configuration procedures.

I personally believe that this product will do well in the software markets, because it is the best all round software for office works. Most companies would use this powerful tool for more efficiency and more effectiveness in work as it has much more than what Office2000 has to offer.

Last but not least is the CorelDraw version 9, which is a very powerful graphics suit. It comes from the labs of the Corel family after great experiences in the market as they have released many previous successful versions and they always keep on upgrading their software and improving its performance. What’s new in CorelDraw9? Well it has Robust PDF support, including import and export, job ticketing, bookmarks, image down sampling. Also Enhanced printing features – imposition layout, preflight warnings, miniature preview to verify changes and down sampling of bitmaps. It supports other software such as the Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator.

This product should do well in the market as the company does have great experience in the field of graphics and the company is always doing more improvements on their products, so I guess people do have to expect more than what they found on the earlier edition of CorelDraw8.

All of the above mentioned products do have great potential in the market and are expected to do well. As everyone of them deals with different operations, from operating system (Windos2000), office suite (SmartSuite), to graphics software (CorelDraw9) and all of these software are important to com

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