HTML Essay, Research Paper

Magazine: Sympatico Netlife

Date: September/October

Page: 28

Name of Article: To Code or Not To Code

Author: Alex Beckett

This article is about html (hyper text mark-up

language) editors. They are tools used to create

webpages, and you usually need to know basic HTML. An

example of HTML is if you wanted to make blinking

letters you would put the text you want to

blink, or if you wanted a link you would put The name of the

link, and your browser will read it and it will come

out as blinking, and clickable text.

WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) editors are html

editors which require little or no HTML knowledge.

Instead of using the code, you edit the page as it is, and

you drag in images/texts. The only problem with

WYSIWYG editors is basically that what you see is what

you get! You can only make the simpleist webpages.

I know basic HTML, and I have my own webpage. I

think it’s impiortant to know html for future jobs. There

is already millions of jobs requiring html, imagine what it

will be like in the furure. In ten years or so, having a

computer, withe the internet, will be almost as common

as a TV is now. Computers will be the majopr household

device, being used to control everything. Computers may

even replace your car. They may be used as teleportation

devices to rearange your molecular structure and

transporte you to which ever place you want to go, then

put your molecules back to normal.

On the other hand, maybe knowing HTML ins’t as

important to know as we think. WYSIWYG editors are

getting better be the day. They can do more and “What

you see” is becoming mor and more. They are also

making cleaner html codes so that the browser can read

it faster. Maybe WYSIWYG editors are the future of the

internet, and not plain HTML.

Maybe the internet will not even be a part of the future.

Maybe it will be an information overload, and will crash.

They would probably start a new version of the internet,

and they would name it something else. We all know

that things in computer technoledgy are getting better

everyday, so the new internet would lose all of the

obsolete junk, making it go faster, and have less chance

of the computer freezing up.

If it would start over there would probably be less

unwanted information, for at least a couple of years. I

personally know that webmasters make a page, then put

it in every search engine possible. Then they advertise it,

and update it once in a while for a couple of monthes.

Then they get tired of the page, and leave it. They then

make a new page, which is more up to date, looks cooler

than the last one, has different interests, and is basically

a better page. The old pages are unwanted. Although

they may still have some valuable information in them,

the same information, and more would be on the

webmaster’s new page.

Right now I am 13, and being a webmaster (knowing

HTML) is probably the greatest thing that has ever

happened to me. There are millions of compainies paying

webmasters to link them to thier site. I have just started

doing this, and and my first paycheck is due in a couple

of weeks. I enjoy having my webpage, while at the same

time I am making money.

If HTML does not survive through the future, it is

defenetly something that should be used in the present.

It is being used right now, and it is defenetly something

that you can really benefit from knowing it. It is fun, you

learn, and you can make money. So I think that everyone

should know HTML.

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