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Setting Essay

There is a place high in the limestone bluffs of Southern Illinois, where Daniel loves to spend his time. He perches on fallen tree trunks and watches flowers bloom in the springtime. He inhales their fragrant smell and daydreams until evening. This green haven of luscious moss and feathery ferns is peaceful year round.

In the lazy days of summer, the soil is soft and fertile, and wildlife abounds. Squirrels and chipmunks, birds and insects, rabbits, turtles and toads are all friends with Daniel. They offer their array of voices to him when he hums a quiet tune. The gentle wind whispers in his ear, and the trickling of a tiny stream soothes his tension. The taste of fresh raspberries fills his mouth as he plucks a ripe fruit from a bush. The forest around him smells clean and piney.

Daniel loves the way the leaves crunch under his heavy boots in autumn. He reclines on a boulder in the middle of a clearing, rich with shades and colors. The cool breeze knocks red, orange and yellow from swaying branches. Daniel s nostrils fill with fall scents as he sighs in contentment.

In the winter he brings his dog, Charlie, to the woods and they seek out white tail deer. The airy snow freckles their faces s they wander together through the freshly fallen blanket of white. Bare twigs crackle above them and lone birds chirp sullenly.

Daniel smiles to himself. He has found his own niche in a busy world. He hums a tune and continues merrily on his journey.


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