The Setting In


The Setting In “A Doll’s House” Essay, Research Paper

The Setting in “A Doll’s House”

One work in literature that I believe the setting plays a part in is, A

Doll’s House. This is a play written by Henrik Ibsen. It tells a story of how

two people’s marriage was ended because of society.

The play takes place in Europe in the nineteenth-century. During this time

women were discriminated. against. This simple fact affects the whole play’s

outcome. A young woman by the name of Nora is under the control of her husband.

He feels that he must rule her for he is the head of the family. He would

place small stipulations on her such as not being able to eat macaroons. When

she would make mistakes, he would refer to her by some little name like, “Lark”

or “Squirrel.”

All of these things mentioned ar due to the setting. This caused Nora to

want to leave more and more. I believe Ibsen picked this setting to tell of how

women were treated.

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