Serenity Of A Setting


Serenity Of A Setting Essay, Research Paper

Serenity of a Setting

Darkness was starting to fall gracefully over the inert, glass- like

ocean like a colossal blue quilted blanket that seemed to go on forever

and ever into eternity, covering the entire earth. The First of the evening

stars were just beginning to take shape and twinkle in the endless sky. I

could clearly identify the constellations like the Big Dipper And the great


The sea was quiet and calm with the exception of a few rolling waves

gently crashing upon the sandy shore. The air was silent, yet it smelled of

seaweed and bon- fires. As I take a deep breath, a tingle arises in my lungs.

It is a tingle, which can only be brought on by the salty air of the ocean.

A yellowish- white moon, partially full but not quite, had just started

to surface over the magnificently vivid horizon. It gave its soft and benign

rays of light to the softly rolling countryside, lending an almost magical

quality to the otherwise harsh and forbidding outlines of the wooden look

out tower. As I climb up the tower, I can see the horizon becoming greater

and greater in magnitude. I look out onto the ocean, and it is though I can

see forever outwards into the deep blackness of the sea.

And as I look out from the tower, the gentle breeze is continuously

flowing through my hair. It is a cool and comforting breeze that engulfs

me in its magnitude. I can see the reflection of the moon, shimmering off

of the water like a diamond ring.

Seeing the moon shimmering, hearing the waves as they hit the shore,

smelling and tasting the salty goodness of the air, and feeling the gentle

breeze has made me realize that beauty has its own rewards and that serenity

is a setting.

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