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World War II and Beyond World War II started when Germany s new dictator, Hitler, arrived. He believed that pure Germans were a superior race. He allied with Italy and Japan forming the Axis powers. Meanwhile, Britain and France, the Allies, were fighting with the Axis powers. After Pearl Harbor was bombed by the Japanese, the United States Joined World War II.

I feel that the United States should have gotten involved earlier in the War so that Britain and France would have a helping hand and finished it sooner.

The Rape of Nanking During World War II, Japan was at dispute with China. The rape of Nanking was one of the many terrible things they did to China. Many people, including women and children, were killed. Women were raped and made sex slaves.

I think it is too bad that not many people know about the rape of Nanking. Historians call it the Forgotten Holocaust. It is terrible that the Japanese military did such a thing to the poor villagers. Even if the Japanese needed land, they did not need to be so brutal.

Unit 731 During World War II, Japanese scientists did experiments on captured POWs. They did vivisections, experimented on how to extract bullets, removed parts of the brain, and tested how a person could live with one lung. The things that the Japanese scientists did to captives were horrendous. The scientists that knew that these experiments were not morally right but did not say anything and joined the crowd.

I find it disturbing that they would cut up a person alive.

America s Concentration Camps During World War II, Japanese Americans were put into concentration camps. Their freedom and rights were taken away. The military feared that the Japanese Americans were spies for Japan. They were also interred on basis of their race. Their very identity and personal history was changed forever.

I feel that our government did a very heinous crime against the Japanese Americans. I would feel violated if my rights were taken away and imprisoned for something I did not do.

Moments in History Executive Order 9066 was the order that allowed the Army to detain Japanese Americans in concentration camps. President Franklin Delano Roosevelt signed the order in February 1942.

I think that FDR should have thought about the consequences of the order thoroughly before he signed it. That would have saved a lot of people s suffering and humiliation. In 1942, Fred Korematsu s conviction for not reporting to the detention camps was vacated. After his case was reviewed by Japanese American attorneys, the case was dropped.

I feel that Fred s sentence was wrong in the first place. I am glad his case was dropped.

The 100th/442nd U.S. Army all Japanese American unit is the most highly decorated unit during World War II. They suffered over 800 casualties just to save the 211 Texan units. Because of their bravery they were made honorary Texans.

I am very pleased to learn that those brave men risked their lives and suffered just for 221 Texan soldiers. It is very rare for people to be so brave and willing to sacrifice their lives for 221 people.

The 552 Field Battalion rescued prisoners from Nazi death camps and death marches during World War II. This Battalion did the right thing even though they defied military orders telling them not to help the prisoners. After the war, the United States Government apologized for interring the Japanese Americans in the camps. They offered to pay $20,000 in losses for each person.

I feel that this was the least the U.S. Government could do. At least they did something to repay the Japanese Americans. The Japanese Government did not even say sorry for all the atrocities they committed.

H.R. 126 Under House Resolution 126, the U.S. Government demands that the Japanese Government make formal apology for the atrocities committed during World War II. Those atrocities include the ones committed by Unit 731, the dropping of the plague and anthrax on Chinese villages, and the Rape of Nanking. The Japanese Government also needs to pay retribution of up to $40,000 to each of the women who were raped.

When I learned that the Japanese Government did not even acknowledge the atrocities they committed I was shocked. It is a fact that they did those crimes against other humans yet they are too proud to admit it. I am glad that the U.S. Government did the least they could and took full responsibility for what they did.

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