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My World View (Existential World View,Humanities) Essay, Research Paper

my world view (existential world view,humanities)

Throughout human history, men have always tried to understand why we are here. Even today, we are not sure of the answer to that question. I actually think that the answer we are all looking for will never be found. But to compensate from that important missing piece of information, people need a road to follow, so they can be headed in the right direction. Most of the world s population have their own world view, other people base them selves on religion. I really don t think, that there is such a thing as a wrong or bad world view, because it s based on what an individual goes through -talking in terms of experience- in their life and which human condition has seen. I strongly believe that the more answers we can get, the better it is. My world view is purely scientific, for that is where we can get valuable answer.

Even though the human race is the most intelligent life form in our solar system, we still don t know the real origin of life. The religious community believes that god is responsible for our being here. They also suggested that earth was in the center of the universe and every thing else revolved around us. We now know for a fact, that s not true. I don t know where the apostles that wrote that theory got there information, but I m sure that they were trying to comfort some people who were asking themselves difficult questions that no one could of answered at that time (before the 19th century). Therefor, the scientific community strongly believes that the origin of the universe and all its contents are subject of the Big Bang theorem. I think that this cataclysmic blast makes way more sense then other possible theories. Where this bang came from is unknown, but astronomers are trying to find out. Just by knowing that ,we will know a lot more about ourselves. That is exactly what we need to evolve.

The reason why I think getting as many questions solves as possible is the way to go, is because a person like me, who is Christian or is involved with any other religion and is realistic, will not be totally satisfied with what the bible says, simply because it doesn t make any sense. I m convinced that the bible is an excellent guide towards happiness and good moral values. Yet if you are seeking for more, because happiness and moral values are important aspects but isn t the central aspect, you are looking in the wrong place. I find that what the apostles wrote in the bible back then, was believable in those times simply because those civilization had no other source of information and they would look anywhere for answers. Today, that isn t the case. If it wasn t for science, we would still believe what the bible said that the world is flat and so on-. Then again with out a guide towards good values, the world would be total chaos.

I strongly believe that we need facts to evolve, so we can educate better our children. The more we know about ourselves, the more chances their are we will be a successful specie. Human s are very curious beings, and we feel that we need to know as much as possible because information can help us live better. Today in the world there are wars going on for really stupid reasons like religious differences in between two cultures. Deep inside of each and every one of us we are all the same. I just hope that one day we will be able to understand and accept different religions by knowing that they re there to guide us towards good moral values. And science holds the real truth.

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