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Noting pulsating beats while listening to any song brings one thing to mind, the electric bass. Playing the bass is easy to learn but difficult to master. It takes time, dedication and hard work to master this skill. You must first learn how to hold the bass, also the proper way to play the strings, but then be able to put that with scales, and good timing. After studding bass guitar for years one is then able to go anywhere musically with their instrument.

There are many basses and the ways you hold them. For instance, with an upright bass, it needs to be rested on ground and stand while you play, and with an electric bass, one will want to wear a strap while standing and playing. Being right-handed or left-handed determines a lot about how the bass is positioned. The strings are played with your right hand if you?re right handed, and vise versa if you?re left handed. With a proper technique, one is in the right direction to playing.

Most bassist use their thumb, index, middle, and pinky to play the strings, while applying pressure to the strings in between the frets on the neck. Other bassist will use a pick to play, but they don?t have as much control. How the strings are played isn?t as important as how one places their fingers on the frettboard. When there is a lack of pressure a muted sound is created, so it is important to apply enough pressure. Applying enough pressure in the right place is also necessary, if you?re not in between the frets you may get a sound you do not want.

Learning the different scales will help one to piece everything together. Not knowing the scales might affect how quickly you?re able to play songs, and how good your ability to play with others. If a guitarist is playing in the key of A, you want to stay in that key a stay clear of accidentals. Playing in one key will help you to keep a sound that is pleasing to the ear. Just one wrong note can ruin an entire song, proving the importance of scales.

Accomplishing these three tasks will allow one to play bass like an expert. By holding the bass right, one will be able to play comfortably. Using proper fingering will give a controll over the instrument. Learning scales will improve your ability to play with others and create your own music. Taking the time to play bass is well worth it and fun too.



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