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The end of the day for some people can be very relaxing. The days that seem to be the longest, and most stressful, seem to always be the ones that require a good nights sleep. Some statistics show that people spend about one-fifth of there life sleeping. That is a lot of time that we spend on a bed resting. Considering that we are going to spend about 5-10 years sleeping, I would imagine that people want to spend at least half of this time being comfortable. After all, what good is a nights sleep if a person can?t enjoy it throughout the whole night? Doctors say that sleeping is your body?s way of repairing and replenishing itself. In other words, it is a very serious thing to think about when you lye down on that bed of yours. The amount of rest that a person receives is directly related to the mattress that cradles them throughout the night.

When I think of a mattress, there are several things that characterize a good mattress. The first thing is the size of the mattress. I cannot see how the big and tall people of this world, fit on little twin size beds. How can a person be comfortable when his/her feet are hanging off the bed? That is something that I ask myself everyday. Another characteristic of a quality mattress is in the actual construction of it. If a mattress is cheaply constructed and has loose springs as its main foundation, it is probably not going to be very supportive to the body. More often than not, the price of a mattress will reflect the quality of construction and the time it took to carefully construct it. A quality mattress should also be very supportive to the body and especially to the back. Another thing that some people tend to not think about is the age of a mattress. If a mattress is older than five years, it is most likely going to be non-supportive of the back and body. The construction of a mattress consists of springs and coils. In old mattresses, these springs tend to sag after approximately five to seven years. After these springs sag, the mattress begins to show signs of wear, and will not be very supportive any more. Comfort lies in the construction of a mattress. The most important thing that a mattress should have is comfort. If it is not comfortable, you will not receive a very good nights sleep. Since a person spends about a fifth of his/her life sleeping, you should definitely be comfortable while doing it.

The mattress that I lay on every night lacks most of these characteristics. My mattress is a full size mattress that has little comfort and little support. I like to describe my mattress as ?the taco bed.? The reason I say this is because when you sit or lay in it, it literally forms around you as if you are the meat in a taco and are about to be eaten. Maybe this is because of the fact that I am a bit heavy, but it shows that the construction of it was cheaply made. This mattress was an additional piece of furniture that was in my apartment and part of the ?furnished? monthly rent. This is most definitely a big reason why it is so cheaply constructed. Apartment complexes that rent ?furnished? apartments are not interested in the comfort of you, they are interested in the money that is to come out of you. So in turn, the company spends little money on the actual furnishings, and that means that you are stuck with ?the taco bed.? The ?taco? that I sleep on definitely show?s signs of wear. It has only been slept on for about eight months. This mattress is probably the cheapest mattress that can be bought in today?s industry, and has all the attributes of a poorly constructed mattress. My mattress is also a somewhat shorter version of a full size bed, meaning that my feet hang off of it. When I attempt to cover my bed with sheets, they do not fit the bed. The sheets tend to be loose fitting and cannot be fixed in any way. It makes me wonder if the apartments makes there own mattresses. This mattress has had zero support on my back from day one. It has almost always had the effect of a ?taco? and has never been very stable. Mattresses like these are a disgrace to the mattress industry. If a mattress does not conform to a standard test, it should not be put on the market. My mattress has no comfort unless you are heavily intoxicated when you lye on it. It does not support the spine and leaves you with a backache the next day.

In the end, we would all like to have a thousand dollars to go and buy an impressively constructed mattress, but this is not always the case. When you think of the best nights sleep that you have ever had, what comes to mind? It is probably the night that you slept on a good mattress. If you think about the things that make a mattress more comfortable, and evaluate your own, you might find out that maybe it is time for you to go and shop for a new mattress. But if you are planning on moving into an apartment complex, make sure that you have your own mattress at hand because you could be taking the risk of a lifetime. When you sign your name to a lease, you also want to be sure that you are not signing away any right to a good night?s sleep. Any apartment complex that can get away with causing backaches is surely going to keep on doing it. The only way to discourage them is to not buy into the false advertisement, and to ask a lot of questions when evaluating apartments.

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