Imbalance In The American Justice System


Imbalance In The American Justice System Essay, Research Paper

Imbalance in the American Justice System

The United States of America probably has the best justice system throughout the entire planet but; Is this true? There is corruption within this system, which causes it to be constitutionally imbalance.

A well-known statement is that only the wealthy can benefit the most from the justice system. The majority believe this because of three major factors.

Wealthy people can afford to hire the best attorneys of law. These attorneys probably worked on high profile cases and routinely achieved good results. The credibility of these attorneys is what probably labels them to be the best at what they do.

Another reason why the justice system benefits mostly the wealthy is that they are capable of affording to pay of any fines which are charged against them. Therefore, the court closes a case when the charged have met their obligation to pay a fine balance.

In addition to wealthy people s capability to afford good attorneys and paying fines, this last factor is of a very sensitive matter pertaining to the honesty of our justice system and that is that wealthy people are capable of influencing a decision in their favor. The wealthy being accused for certain crimes are able to walk away free without any circumstance. This process of influencing is also called bribing. Somewhere along the process, money is exchanged for a verdict favoring that of the wealthy person being accused. Transactions can pass through, witnesses, Jurors, Court Administration, Lawyers, Judiciaries or higher levels of power within the government.

This kind of scenario has been known to happen and will continue to do so because money is always an issue and people can be bought if the price is right.

Committing a crime to avoid persecution is very unjust and unconstitutional and those within our justice system who participate are just as guilty as the wealthy people who are rewarding them.

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