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I had never really thought of law as even a remote possibility of a career unitl recently. Several weeks ago wile studing for my least favorite class I realized that I was sort of enjoying reading law cases. Everything that I do these days I am analizing in the back of my mind trying to figure whether I would consider it as a career. Because of my surprising revolation that I was actually enjoying the pains taking task of reading law lead me to my selection for this paper.

I don’t know if I have the qualifications personality-wise but I have been told that I am convincing and level minded about expressing my thoughs and others. Part of my personality is persistance, a very good and I think necessary quality for a atourney at law. On the other hand I don’t know if all the tedious, technical research is for me. Most of the time I am not technical minded in terms of memorizing definisions and tedious analyzation of literature. I am more of a hands on person, I am technical minded but from a physical standpoint, electronics and that sort of thing. Another thing is that I must be interested in something in order to axcell at it, I would not suceed al law unluss I became passionate about it and was driven to suceed. I do know that I have toe potential to acomplish anything that I put my mind to so I figured that if I found that I liked law then I would be great at it reguardless ofwhether or not my present personality trated fit that of a lawyer. If I were to become a lawyer I would be a great lawyer and I would be my own lawyer completely unique and cofident in my profesion.

On e question that arised in the practice of law is the abundance of lawyers. In 1996 lawyers heald 622,000 jobs in the US. now in ‘99 the figures are well over 800,000. Despite the abundance of lawyers perdictions state that there will be no lack of work in the field. However the demand for lawyers is not expected to decline, due to the growth is population, business activities, and things suchas health care and the enviornment. Employment growth will however be lower than in the past. In modern timesbusiness are turning to large accounting firms to deal with legal issues. In the past these issues have been delt with by law firms. The job market for lawyers will continue to be competative because of the large number of graduates from law school.

As a lawyer your obligations are many. In order to be a lawyer you must know the laws the govern un as a second nature. As a lawer you must be able to interpret the and use it. You must also be able to translate it, explain to your cliant what and why you are doing thing. Also you must stay up to date on The Law. Laws are constantly changing to acomidate the changes in society and as a lawyer you must be the first to know all about changes in our laws. You are also heald acountable to be honorable and trustworthy. Despite the common view of lawyers being slimy and dishonest the majority are not. Lawyers in the past have been among the most respected in society. Unfortuniately in modern times they have lost their respet.

Lawyers have been present for most of our countries greatest moments. Many of the fathers of the American Revolution were lawyers. They were there at the construction and signing of the American Constitution and the Decleration of Independence. Abraham Lincoln was a lawyer and so was President James A. Garfield. He also became a minister of the Disciples denomination. Many of literatures greates were lawyers. Edgar Allen Poe was a laywer, so whas Robert Louis Stevenson. The Roman Catholic Church had declaired three lawyers as saints. SaintThomas More of England was a lawyer, Saint Ives of Brittany and Saint Fidelis were also lawyers. The were know as “The Adovcates of the Poor.” More ministers than not are lawyers. At Jesus’s crucification out of the more than a million people present the two tha stepped foward to give him a propper burial were lawyers. Their names were Nicodemus and Joseph of Arimathea. One of Paul the Apostle’s last letters from prison was a request for a lawyer. He believed that laywers were friends to those in trouble.

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