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All About School Essay, Research Paper

School is full of learning discipline, fun and friends. Honestly, school is

practicality my second home. We eat, learn and occasionally sleep there. Our

school, is full of fun and friends, discipline and learning.

Everywhere you go there is bound to be friends, which then means fun.

Practically all the people I hang around with are or were from . Things in

school seem a lot more lively with friends that are in your groups for projects or

in your class or group class. I look forward to school only because my friends

are there. Like I said, friends go with fun and most of our amusement comes

from school.

Another big idea at school is discipline. Our limitations in school is what

shapes us into becoming polite, obeying, and kind children for the future such as

interviews and jobs. As much as people dislike demerits and detentions, they

actually help and decrease the amount of misbehavior. Also, we, the students,

receive awards for no demerits or detentions at the end of the year. In

conclusion, no matter how hard our rules are, every place, especially home, has

these regulations.

Furthermore, learning is the number one priority in not only at but

every school. Each subject we have teaches us skills we need to know in the

future. Some teachers make learning fun, which makes the lesson more festive

and easier to learn. However, sometimes school is just school which means

everything can?t be fun all the time. You must take time to learn. All in all,

school revolves around learning which is the most important thing in life.

At length, school, no matter how intolerable it seems at times, you must

admit it has it?s good points, one of them being friends. Like the late George

Orwell once said, ?No one can look back on his schooldays and say with truth

that they were altogether unhappy.?

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