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Which is better Public or Private schools? This is a common question that parents ask themselves today. Hopes for the best possible education drives schools, teachers, and parents to create better fields and means in which to thrive, and keep up in today?s society. As the major differences between these two is organization and funding; private schools are funded by student tuition costs, which can add up to substantially, more than public schools. This advantage gives the private schools more access to the most advanced education tools and skilled trainers whose services would otherwise be unavailable to the public. Private schools in cases have higher graduate requirements to prepare the student not only for the opportunities of the present, but also for the future. This may create a more difficult and more discipline environment for students but also adds more factors that might be more of a public school would.

Public schools are the choice for the majority of the population in the state. They provide government funding, teachers, and standards set by the state to unsure the success of the students. The government funds public schools, so they do lack some of the financial resources a privately funded school would.

Public schools also have been known to have less one on one time between a teacher and the student. This lack of time can and in cases does hinder the progress of the student and could cause problems down the line.

There is also other alternative education environments that could ?pending the student?s circumstances- be a better solution than both of these options are. These other environments ?independent stud, and home schooling- provides the student the resources to work one on one with their teacher. Work at their own pace, and can condition the environment so they can learn what they feel will be useful in their futures.

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