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High School Vs. Middle School Essay, Research Paper

High School vs. Middle School A Comparative Essay There are two distinctive differences, that make high school much more difficult, when you make the jump from middle school to high school: you have to work much harder and you get more freedom as a reward. High school is far more involved and it is more difficult than middle school. You have to work harder and spend more time on your schoolwork to receive good grades; whereas, in middle school, it is easy to get good grades, all you have to do is spend 10 minutes a night. And in exchange for working harder, you get treated with for more respect. To earn respect in middle school, all you have to do is pay attention in class (to what little there is to pay attention to) and give a few minutes of your time each day and it\’s a shoo-in. There is really not that much to learn in middle school and that is another reason it is easier to get good grades. As well as it just being easier overall, the teachers expect less of you because you are younger and at a lower maturity level. There are several reasons why less is expected of you in middle school. Because so little is expected of you in middle school, it makes it a more difficult jump to make up to high school. When all of a sudden it goes from almost no expectations to something much greater, it can often be quite difficult. Now, you are expected to be mature, and responsible, as well as having a much larger commitment to make towards homework. This is a very large reason why high school is so much more difficult. To add on to ones problems, not that it\’s much of a task, it is also difficult to get used to the long class schedule. Despite the many difficulties of making such a large jump, after all is said and done, high school is a better place to be. Even though it is more work, I enjoy the new freedom that I am given. I like the idea of being thought as of more adult-like. High school is well worth the compromise of a little bit of hard work. It is a nice step to make when you get used to it because it also helps you to prepare yourself for the outside world after you graduate. As well as more respect from the adults, it is a bonus to have a little more time for lunch and breaks. So, all in all high school is really a reward one gets when they get older and more mature. In middle school, life is just fun and games with a little bit of school mixed in, but in high school, you have to work. It is an important step, one that needs to be made, and one that will benefit everyone who makes it through successfully.

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