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A moment exists in what we call time. Time in itself, is a figment of our imagination. The only part of time that actually exists is the present moment. All other moments become memory or expectation, leaving them to be non existent. In truth, the present moment is the only part of time that can be experienced by the six senses. By nature a person, likes to believe that time is a fully existent thing, and that parts of it can be visited. But time, such as time that has passed, can only be seen through the existence present matter. Past also can only be created through personal memory, which is only one view of a situation. When millions of views are possible, what is true past? Therefor, time in the sense of past even one moment ago, does not exist. There will be no way to ever go to it again, and if there was, it would pass instantly. The future, just the same as past, has no real substance. It is only in the mind of the individual. If no life existed to think of future what would future be? What or who could see to even envision the future? Nothing. Future could be the chance for possibility but that is a name given by a thinking entity. So chance for possibility would not exist. It is only the moment that should be focused on. It is the most important beyond all things. This is because no matter where your mind is focused, your physical, mental and spiritual self only exists in this time. It is the only time where an entity is it’s experiences, no matter what it is imagining. An entity may be imagining the future, but it is imagining the future in the present moment. To put most thought to the future and not be aware of the moment is a waste of life. It closes off the spirit to awareness, truth and happiness.

By Anna G. whitelightanna@aol.com

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