Most Embarrassing Moment


Most Embarrassing Moment Essay, Research Paper

Amy Neff

Theories of Composition

Dr. Etheridge


Nightmare of Reality

When I think of times embarrassing to me,

I look at my life and reality.

Rather the blonde hair or the big mouth placed on my face,

So many moments, I would love to erase.

My first kiss?one of many fears,

The memory of this one brings back tears.

15 years old, freshman in high school,

All I wanted was to be noticed and somewhat cool.

Dating a junior, how cool could that be?

An awesome football player and homecoming nominee.

I knew I could fit in to a new grown up place,

Competing against the ?older? girls would be a race.

One Friday night, after a game,

The football player asked for my name.

Shy and reluctant I replied to his question,

Unaware of his dreaded next suggestion.

A date was in the making, what should I do?

He was so old and I was so new.

New in high school and new with guys,

What have I done? this choice wasn?t wise!

I stand in the mirror for hours each day,

Preparing what to wear and what to say.

Time was getting shorter and ?the day? was almost here,

I was so nervous? I forgot my one most fear.

A kiiiiisssss? I knew he would expect of me,

I couldn?t give in; I?m just too modest you see.

I?ve seen it on TV, how disgusting it appeared,

After practicing on my hand, I pouted and sneered.

I hated the thought of a stupid little kiss,

This was one point of my life that I would rather miss.

Debating, waiting, and thinking all day,

I?m losing my mind and don?t know what to say.

Restless nights, on my bed I ponder,

Sweaty hands and feet, why can?t time be longer?

An excuse I think of to put off this date,

I don?t want a kiss?I?ll just wait.

?The day? has come and the night is near,

Bringing along the ?k? word that I fear.

Butterflies have now taken over my tummy,

The physical part of me is like a mummy.

All this time I have sat and prepared,

But what for, I?m just too scared.

I drag myself to do my make-up and hair,

What once was a look, is now a glare.

Hurry up clock why won?t you go faster?

I?ll get my Bible and pray to master.

Pray for protection and ease through the night,

For this one horrible thing I hope I do right.

The doorbell rings; my heart stands still,

I open the door; this time is for real.

Anxiously waiting, we stand face to face,

Lord, please help me to not be a disgrace.

He escorts me to his truck; opens my door,

Pretty big pick-up, my feet can?t reach the floor.

Trembling hands, how nervous I am,

Getting a little hot, I?m really in a jam.

We now are driving off, to dine we go,

He?s looking a little nervous, he should be a pro.

Both of us facing forward, our mouths closed shut,

I?m thinking very hard of a conversation to construct.

Dinner goes by, dessert I don?t forget,

That stupid little kiss, maybe he?ll forfeit.

Nerves have settled, conversation easily takes place,

We sit in his truck leaving a big space.

Conversation stops when I thought it was getting good,

I shouldn?t act uninterested?maybe I should.

Oh, that would get me out of that kiss I really hate!

Well, he was nice enough to take me on my first date.

I SEEEE THE LIGHT, my house is getting near,

He?s now reaching for my hand? oh my dear.

Pulling into the driveway, figuring out what to do,

I came up with some options, just to name a few.

I can gradually open the door, jump out during motion,

Or, I could be a young lady and show SOME devotion.

I really like my first choice, I wouldn?t mind a bit,

Yet, any chance of popularity would be over? I would have to quit.

Unaware that I was thinking and acting at the same time,

Guess I?m good at mirroring my thoughts, just like a mime.

The door was slightly cracked, and I was unaware,

He?s now getting closer; his fingers are touching my hair.

I jump back quickly, now falling out of the truck,

My pant leg got hooked, now I?m stuck.

Now I?m on the ground dying of laughter,

He reaches out to me a few seconds after.

He helps me up and dusts me off,

Choking on saliva, I begin to cough.

Could this get any worse, I begin to think,

What?s left of my confidence, begins to sink.

What I thought was a sly move, was one for him,

He pulls me near and looks at me with a grin.

Getting closer and closer, what?s he going to do?

He kisses me on the forehead and says thank you.

That was it?that was ?the kiss,?

The one that I wanted to miss.

I worked myself up for so many days,

A gentleman he was in so many ways.


2817 50th street



eposcycle- smaller cycles within the larger cycles of universe. They explained reverse movement of the planets for short periods of time.

Aristocs-estimated sized and distance of moon and sun, purposed hilio centric system because he felt It looked better that way not because it was scientific.

This is my own work and made by amy n.

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