My Golden Moment


My Golden Moment Essay, Research Paper

A Golden Moment

June 26, 1999 was a significant ?Golden Moment? in my life. The overwhelming feeling of

freedom, responsibility, fear, and excitement embellished my body with it?s intoxicating smoke. Am I

speaking of a truly new found moment, or a blunt? My moment has it?s own zip code, it?s very own

city and state. You might be thinking………what is he talking about? Or do you know?

Ladies and Gentlemen, I?m speaking about my home: My sanctified, my bonafide, my

petrified, my chronic-fide, my sweet home. That feeling to know that you can come and go as you

please and not give a damn what anyone has to say because, that?s my home. No roommate, no

pissmate, no momma — no pimping, nor whoring, and definitely no drama!

In reality, I simply adore my little cubbyhole away from the rest of the world. I set the policies

and regulations in my cubbyhole. I write the rent check for my cubbyhole. I dance, laugh, sing, play,

cook, clean, drink, and scrub, in my cubbyhole. I even shower, *censored*, shave, shine, and shampoo in my

cubbyhole. I click here and click there, WW this and WW that, dot COM this and dot COM that, but my

bills get paid.

To some my ?Golden Moment? maybe simple, but it?s exactly what it says …….MY golden

moment. I?m still young and growing everyday. With the help of God, I will see another ?Golden

Moment? when I receive my law degree. Patience is what I lack. My mom always says, ?It can be your

best friend or worst enemy.? I study patience — in my home. To convey to you the infinite number of

emotions involved with my golden moment, would take more than a page. Instead, I?ll let these few

words attempt to justify my emotions.

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