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What do I say sorry for, and how do I start,

Do I say what people want to hear, or do I speak from the heart,

Do I apologise for everything or just recent stuff,

And will my apologies ever be enough?????

To my entire dearest, when I say sorry, I hope you’ll understand,

That this Old boy has been maturing into a young man,

All I can ask is that you be patient for this time,

And like this poem, my life shall unravel in its rhyme,

I?m still just a lost lamb with no sense of direction,

Please help me find the way with your love and protection,

I ask for so much, and yet I know I give so little in return,

But maybe one day, roles will be reversed and it will be my turn,

And when this day comes I know I?ll be ready,

On the outside, I?ll be your rock, strong and steady,

On the inside, I?ll be your friend, caring and remorseful,

Everything you’ll ever need, your inspiration, bright & resourceful,

All you could ever hope for and all that you could ever want,

Like your shield, taking away the pain and bearing the full brunt,

For you, I can be who or whatever you want me to be,

I realise now I?m no longer saying sorry,

I guess I?m really saying thank you,

And I?m making this promise, which I will keep true,

Whenever you are down or feeling blue,

Whenever you’re confused and don’t know who to turn to

As you were there for me, I will be there for you,

Let it be known, that always and forever, I will keep on loving you.

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