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Organic Chemistry Essay, Research Paper

Organic compounds are all different but they all share a similar characteristic. To start all organic compounds have carbon in their formulas; this is the main characteristic all organic compounds share. Next, some organic compounds are made up with a single covalent bond. For example, methane CH4 is an organic compound with four single covalent bonds going from one carbon atom to four hydrogen atoms. Another example of an organic compound with a single covalent bond is Ethane C2H6 which has a single bond connecting the two carbon atoms together and 6 single covalent bonds connecting hydrogen atoms to the 2 two carbon atoms. These last two organic compounds were also example of organic compounds with only hydrogen and carbon in their formula. Some organic compounds have oxygen along with hydrogen and carbon connected by single covalent bonds. These compounds include Methanol Ch3OH and Ethanol CH3CH2OH. To continue, some organic compounds have double covalent bonds. For instance, Ethane C2H4 has a double bond connecting the two carbon atoms. Another organic compound with a double bond Carbon Dioxide CO2, which has two double covalent bonds connecting the two oxygen atoms to the carbon atom. In conclusion organic compounds differ in many ways but they all have a carbon base.

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