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In New York times are always rough for teenagers growing up. Teens must deal

with things like school, violence, drugs, and parents. But when you have good

friends to have your back you could get through almost everything. This is

evident with these three girls Latoya, Monica, And Regina. They have been

through everything together, the good times and the bad. Like the time when

Monica was given an academic scholarship to NYU; when Latoya was going through

weight problems; and who could forget the prom. These girls have had many

memories between them.

Anticipation of the prom started as soon as the New Year began. They started

looking for dates and dress the very next day. The days and night flew by until

it was finally the eve of the prom. They all slept over Latoya?s house that

night. The day of the prom was pretty nerve-wracking for the girls. They all

wanted everything to go perfect. Finally when that doorbell rang their three

handsome dates and a stretch limo greeted them. They went to dinner at a very

fancy restaurant that was given a five-star rating by the New Your Times. Even

though they were having the nights of their lives, they were a little sad

because of the fact that this will be one of the last times that they would

spend time together. Then the tree girls got together laughed and reminisced

about the good times. After this they took a picture to remember this exact

time. So as these girls start the new millennium and go their separate ways,

they will always look back at this picture and remember that they are still best


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