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Excellent tragedy author: worst tragic life

Yesterday afternoon I went to watch the play Romeo & Juliet at the Globe by one of the best play writer, William Shakespeare. The changes in the emotions, the tragedy, the comedy and the whole setting of the play brilliant. He has written many plays about comedies, histories and the tragedies. I know you are thinking I know that? But a lot of people don?t know much about his family and his parents and origination, so after send my men around the country here is some thing about Shakespeare.

William Shakespeare was born on April 23, 1564 in Stratford-upon-Avon. John Shakespeare, William?s father, was a Glover and a Whittaker. He was a highly successful and respected man. His father held many public official positions: mayor, town council man, and justice of peace. Shakespeare?s father was not able to write. In 1576, John?s business went down. He stopped attending meetings and social events. Shakespeare was twelve at this point in time.

Shakespeare?s mother was Mary Arden. She came from a wealthy family who paid a handsome dowry to marry her off. While living on Henley Street, she bore eight children with the Shakespeare name.

Shakespeare went to Stratford Grammar School where he studied classics written in Greek and Latin. His teachers gave him the incentive to read. He was taught by two Oxford graduates, Simon Hunt and Thomas Jenkins. Shakespeare had an unusual keen observation of both nature and mankind. His education ended here. Shakespeare from the begin had a keen interest in books, and stories.

On November 27, 1582, Shakespeare married Ann Hathaway who was twenty-eight years old. On May 26, 1583, Ann bore their first daughter, Susanna. In 1585, a set of twins was born, Judith and Hamnet. Hamnet died at the age of eleven in 1596. After that he came to England and joined The Chamberlain?s men, the acting company and after that we all know what he has done to provide us with the best entertainment, he can.

The people?s demand fulfilled

The origin of the Globe has many interesting details that make up its history. London developed a demand for entertainment and theaters. Entrepreneurs took the chance and began to build them. In 1576 the first successful theater was in operation in London. This building was simply called ?The Theater,? which was owned by James Burbage and John Brayne. Twenty years later in 1596 the lease was about to expire. Their landlord was giving them an unfair lease that would make the troupe go bankrupt. A few years later Lord Chamberlain?s Men, a theater troupe, decided to build themselves a playhouse of their own. They were also short on cash so they thought it would be most cost effective to use the previous timbers from The Theater and therefore the same design. They couldn?t use it on the land it was on, so they took the materials illegally to make the Globe. At 12:00 at night, on January 20, they shipped the wood over the river to Bank side. Bank side in London was a ??rowdy bohemian suburb?[with] muddy channels?? said. In 1599, Shakespeare bought 12.5% of the shares in the Globe. During the same year the Globe was quickly completed. William Shakespeare is the person usually associated with the Globe but many other people contribute to its history. James Burbage the stockholder and an actor with Lord Chamberlain?s Men, a theater company in London. His two sons Cuthbert and Richard, each received 25% of the shares in the Globe from their father and the other 50% was distributed to five other members of the troupe. This company was called Lord Chamberlain?s Men after a patron of the acting company. These people and groups are living part of the Globe Theater. \

Change in the history throne

The reign of the King James VI & I reading and learning flourished in the kingdom. The King himself wrote well and he wrote extensively. He was one of the most learned monarchs to ever sit on any throne and was known as “Britain’s King Solomon”. One of the King’s most famous subjects is William Shakespeare. King James I was patron to Shakespeare?s troop, which was known as, “The King’s Men”. King James VI & I, a king from infancy, had a rich family history. Shakespeare derived inspiration from this history for a play. King James was a firm believer in the divine right to rule. I have unconfirmed information from some of the people who went over at the globe theatre that the King was there he watched the whole play.

Reviews: Romeo & Juliet

The play Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare has been rated ?two Thumbs up? by our critique. Why? Why not? The play was excellently managed; the audience can experience all the bad and good things of life like hate, love, seriousness, and comedy in just about three hours. The dialogue is one of the different things about this play, it is poetic but it still doesn?t rhyme. The two important characters (Romeo & Juliet) have such a good setting and with the two sidekicks it makes it even better. The audience was amazed by the play; most of them thought it was romantic story only but it was a mixer at which Shakespeare?s good at. It was one of those afternoons when everyone when home happy. When asked to the audience who was their favorite character the majority were Romeo and Juliet. Why? See for yourself. Tickets available at the stall. Playing at the Globe theatre


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