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Ever since I ve been a little kid, fighting has always interested me. Whether it was Bruce Lee, Jean Claude Van Damn, or Arnold Schwartzenegger on the television, I always played my own hero, punching and kicking away just as they did. My parents decided it was time for me to stop fighting imaginary people. They figured putting me in a disciplined sport would be much more productive and so they put me in the local Tae Kwon Do club. It didn t last long. I was only seven and too impatient with . I switched over to other sports. Staring with soccer, then baseball, and finally hockey. I don t play any of those sports anymore. Instead, I have become hooked on a sport that has greatly changed my life. That sport is boxing. Although I have only been in boxing for the past 2 years, some of my greatest changes have taken place in that time frame including: The decisions I make and the lifestyle I live.

I take boxing more serious than any of the other sports I ve played. Being a good boxer involves a lot of discipline, dedication, hard work, and most of all (punctuation?) time. Training fits in before, after, between, and during my crammed daily schedule. Having to adapt to a boxers life wasn t easy; I had to learn a whole new lifestyle.

Boxing has taught me how to manage my daily activities. First off, I have organized my life to get everything done in a day that I want to. Making timetables, always wearing a watch, and keeping a very tidy environment are part of my organized life. Secondly, I have prioritized my life so that I get all the important things done first. I try to keep education as a number one priority at all times, then activities that have descending importance to me follow. A personal, recreational, and social life is important to me as well. Finally, I have also simplified my life. Little things like having a shaved head, making lunches before I go to bed, and (PUT SOMETHING HERE) make my life somewhat easier. My manageable life allows boxing to fit in easily.

Training is though and yields a completely different life as well. Training is a requirement of boxing and I always have to be in shape if I want to fight. Going for a run at five in the morning is a difficult task, especially if Mother Nature deals out unfavorable conditions. The frozen terrain that Houses bellowing out smoke in, first signs of signs of life in the springs,

Right or wrong, making decisions is an everyday task for humans. Everyone has made a wrong decision some time in his or her life. The frequency of making wrong decisions is based on how well one can choose between what is right and what is wrong. People learn the difference between right and wrong through different means. Children learn from parents. Adolescents learn from their mistake. Others learn from different ways. Being a boxer has made me think situations over instead of just acting indecisively. One situation that comes to mind is a time I became involved in an incident that could have easily gone a different way. In high school my friends and I would often kill time during our dull lunch hours by playing a game of basketball in the gym. One lunch hour we entered the gym and quickly established half of the court belonging to us. The other half we didn t care about and so a group of guys, our high school rivals, raided the remaining half. Everything would go fine if they did they re own thing as would we. During Our ball session, however, things didn t go exactly as planned. Corey, Tony, and I were on defense. Tom, Shawn, and Matt were on the offense trying to execute a play that didn t go anywhere. Matt, my adversary had the ball so I quickly attacked by trying to swipe the ball away from him. I missed, and for a second we came to a halt. He stood there dribbling the ball as I awaited his next move. Out the middle of nowhere came a streak of white that recoiled off of Matt. The volleyball used by our rivals came in contact with the back of Matt s head. More so, the volleyball contacted us to confront them. Matt furiously spat threats at the others. Steve–by far the biggest of the volleyballers–admitted to accidentally hitting Matt. Everything seemed fair enough to me, but the stupid situation just got worse. Matt then concentrated his profanity on Steve. Now Matt is just a little guy, he s basically all mouth towards anyone exceeding his five-foot stance and when Steve erupted out of his crowd of friends gushing towards Matt. I knew I had step in for Matt. The next thing I knew both of us had a flood of people hollering fight! Fight! Fight! Both of us were eye to eye. Both of us were in a situation with little time to think and anything possible. One thing that both of us didn t have in common anymore was a clenched fist. Instead I offered Steve my open hand. The spectators grew quiet. Steve unthawed and shook my hand. I told Steve that this would be one of the few times something like this turns out for him. He replied, yeah good thing. I turned and walked away. My friends followed. The spectators went away. Some were disappointed. I heard one kid say he s not that tough after all. All I did was hear it though. My friends were surprised I didn t get in a fight. Matt had said Jon you re a boxer, you could have easily smashed that kid. I knew how to fight. I knew I could ve hurt Steve. But what would have been the point? I didn t have anything to prove. I probably would have gotten into a fight that day had I not the fighting skills I learned from boxing. I probably would ve felt there was something I had to prove. But that wasn t the case. Although, people may have seen me backing down from a fight that day, I saw myself making a right decision. Every time I get in a situation where a decision has to be made, my instincts from boxing seem influence the outcome in some way.

I don t know whether or not boxing will become so serious to me that I want to do it for a living. Every time I get in a situation I take a more mature logical approach. I don t know Whether or not the outcome will be for better or worse. I do know, however, that my decision will be more right than wrong I do know for a fact that boxing has done a lot for me.

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