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Nature has a certain presence or spirit. It s an almost indescribable feeling just to go out to the middle of the sea or into a forest and just sit there in awe of its beauty. Nature has a certain mystique and mystery to it that draws people to it. Nature, described as mysterious and secretive, is a recurrent theme throughout many stories. People sometimes call nature Mother Nature because it can heal, nurture, or destroy. Others believe it to a God because of the power it has over humans. She can bring joy or happiness.

Storms, rain, snow, earthquakes, and volcanic eruptions are caused by Mother Nature. It is showing its ugly and evil side. Nature can bring on bad weather, which can destroy and create total cause on humans. People s lives are very constant and predictable. But with nature, nothing is constant. That s a reason why it is so mysterious. With one snap from her fingers, she can kill or bring on life. Her tears of rain can bring joy or terror. It s an ugliness that nobody would want to experience.

Warm weather, sunny skies, and a light breeze are brought upon the earth whenever Mother Nature feels happy. This brings up another conclusion that people like it when nature is calm and happy. Those who are ill find themselves in health again after feeling the spirit of nature. Most likely experiencing its beauty and respecting it.

Mountain ranges, sunsets, oceans, and forests are all nature s work of art. Nature is something so big and powerful that people have nothing but respect for it. All the beauty that is seen in the wilderness took hard work for her to make. It has a lot of natural beauty that doesn t need makeup or nice clothes to look beautiful. While walking through a forest, you feel a sense of awe and power that can t be seen. You can feel a certain presence.

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