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Seriously, I only witnessed the sunset few times during my existence. Though explanation may take quite some time, but do allow me.

Singapore- a tiny piece of land lying at the tip of Malay Peninsular. Having a population of around three million ( yes, same as the number of cows providing us with milk in New Zealand, as emphasised in that famous milk advertisement), that leaves us pondering over the suffiency of living space for the growing nation.

Adolf Hitler wanted living space for his German mates, so that intelligent being resolved that by sending troops to invade his neighbouring countries. Now, how would things be like if the Singapore Government apply the same tactic of the great dictator in the gaining of land space? Just imaigne our National Service men being ordered to march over to our neighbours, Malaysia n Indonesia, claud in their cute patchy-green uniforms and clutching onto their M16? Trying to invade them? Considering the fact aht we even have problems purchasing water from the Malaysians, do pardon me for my ridiculous thoughts.

Singapore is ruled by a bunch of diploma-holders – the brainers with a mission of ensuring comfortable lives for their fellow citizens. Sights of people roaming about like stray animals may be something that leaves a bad impression on those foreigners which the country’s economy depended much on! Everyone has to have a place to stay at. Yes, we have terraced, semi-detached, mansions, condoniniums available here. The smart ones came up with the concept of HDB flats. HDB is our reliable Housing Development Board.

Just like the clothes we wear, HDB flats, the high-rise apratements comes in all colours, shapes, and sizes. Made affordable for the country’s middle-class, you have choices for 2-room, 3-room, 4-room, mansionate, executive etc. With the incresase in population, the need to house more people allowed these HDB flats to sprout out at every available plot of land like wild weeds, like it is nobody’s business. When the flat lands are all used, they take the high lands. Our towns such as Bukit Batok, Bukit Panjang and Bukit Timah (with ‘Bukit’ meaning hill in the malay language), no longer have the identity which speaks for what they were meant to be. For the smart-alecs had flatten the tiny hills to build these HDB flats!

I deserved a spanking for being so complacent. Though I myself is one of the many HDB flats dwellers, a few personal opinions does not hurt much, huh?

Going back to Sunset, the subject which is meant to be what we should be looking upon on, you will understand the purpose for all that talk on HDB flats.

Recalling my younger days, my mother used to allow me to stand on stool at my balcony at evening time, to observe the sunset. The 10th storey of my flat gave me the then-seemed perfect view of the sun as it guadually hide itself behind the buildings far beyong. I remembered withnessing the sky and the clouds changing its colours too- yellow, purple, blue and in a few minutes, all black, all total darkness. It was like some person providing the people with light during the day and by a certain time he decides he needs to resolve to some rest, placing on a dark hood as pyjamas, n sleep…. onli returing by the next day.

Much patience is a requirement for the tactics to the enjoyment of watching the sunset. I failed in that. I seldom took the time to view the sights available for me. Just in a few years, the HDB bought the empty plot of land which laid across my flat, constructing buildings that towered over my block. 30 storeys! To think that 12-storeys for a flat used to be rahter high! With these tall sights right in my eyes the moment I look out of my balcony, do I get to see the sunset, or the sunrise? Well, nothing!

Blame is on the HDB, but without them, where will I be living right now?

Blame it on me for being a Singaporean Citizen.

Once again, it is just for the sunset, so I should stop complaining.

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